NorCal Spring Showcase: Fantastic Floor Generals


Posted On: 05/7/18 10:00 AM

In todays era of heavy pick and roll usage as well as an emphasis placed on perimeter shooting with playmaking, its more important than ever to be able to hand the ball to someone on your team to run the show. These Fantastic Floor Generals balance all of the qualities you want in a leader. weather its verbal leadership, leading by example, or simply being poised under pressure, these guards do more than just fill up the stat sheet but have a true impact on giving their teams the best chance to win games.


5’9, Pg, Donniel Johnson, 2020, St. Joseph Notre Dame, NBBA 17u Gray

Elite ball handler who can’t be contained off of the dribble. Very Explosive in transition and uses his vision to make teammates better. Finishes very well in the paint with an array of finishes and is a very tough competitor.


5’9, Pg, Anthony Martinez, 2018, Clovis High, Oakland Soldiers Seniors

This kid absolutely runs his team very well. A lights out shooter with deep range. He’s also excellent in the pick and roll and is able to make a variety of passes that include angles you wouldn’t expect. Has a very high I.Q. level and is an absolute winner who competes.


5’9, Pg, Miles Piramide, 2018, Battle Mountain High, Reno Elite 17

A true floor general who uses excellent court vision to set up teammates. Never in a rush, he changes speeds well and is shifty off of the dribble. A Tough Competitor has an endless motor.


6’0, Pg, Kwaheri Rue, 2018, Patterson High School, 1 Team 1 Dream 17u

ELITE in transition and displays strong court vision. He balances explosive speed with patient probing of defenses. Solid shooting ability augments his passing skills more as he is able to stretch the defense before running past them to find open teammates.


6’2, Pg, Jacob Sharp, 2019, Jesse Bethel High, NBBA 17u HGSL (Hoopgroup showcase league)

Floor general with great change of pace and a great I.Q. This ability to think ahead is what makes him so effective on the floor. Also a very good shooter who defends well and has a gift for playing patience.


5’10, Pg, Chime Ugbaja, 2019, Archbishop Riordan High School, Bay Area Warriors Gold 17

Very Intelligent guard who senes the game unfolding before it happens. A very skilled shooter with a strong handle. A pest on defense who keeps the ball in front well.


6’3, Pg, Joshua Vasquez, 2019, Bishop Montgomery High School, California Stars 17’s Elite

A very good shooter who understands the game at a high level. Strong skillset that lets him stay elusive off of the dribble as well as the ability to make teammates better. Has a ton of length at his position to allow him to finish above the rim or be a disruptive force on the defensive end.


6’1, Pg, Joseph White, 2019, Skyridge High, Salt Lake Metro 17 Black

Tremendous passing vision and very high I.Q. are this kids trademark abilities. But make no mistake, he is a very lethal shooter who possesses a high motor. Very difficult to guard off of the dribble with an ability to score at will when passing angles are taken away.


6’6, Pg, Dylan Cabs, 2020, Mayfair High, California Stars 16 Elite

Lefty with a very strong handle and great first step allow him to get by any defense. EXCELLENT passer capable of finding anyone at anytime. Uses athletic gifts to play above the rim, rebound, and be disruptive on defense. A very intriguing prospect who will be an absolute nightmare by the time he is a senior.


6’1, Pg, Za-Ontay Boothman, 2020, Buckeye union High (Arizona), Powerhouse Hoops 16 Ortega

Floor General with a strong understanding of the game. Uses great change of pace to be a skilled three level scorer. He also showcases great vision and a desire to compete on both ends.


5’11, Pg, Jared Brown, 2019, Cypress High, La Elite 17u Premier

Southpaw leader who is very poised under pressure at all times since he doesn’t appear to be rattled by opponents. Competes aggressively on both ends. A very good shooter with great court vision.