Posted On: 05/23/18 1:58 PM

Mark Berry 2019 BTR Wing

The explosiveness of Berry as a 6’5 Wing allows him to be effective on both ends of the floor. He was able to run the floor and block shots and deliver jams in transition.

Jaylen Rainey 2019 BTR Wing

The best hops not many know about in the entire state of Oklahoma might just be Rainey. The easy lift of Rainey off the ground is fun and exciting to watch. He caught multiple big-time jams to excite the crowd.

Shemar Smith 2019 Team Griffin Forward

If Smith is coming down the lane opponents would be wise to get out of the way. The vicious attacks Smith put on the rim ignited the crowd. He is one of the best dunkers because of his quick explosiveness to the rim at a seconds notice.

Davyjon Ford 2020 Oklahoma Impact Wing

The game of Ford is all about explosion on both ends of the floor. Whether it was a chase down block on defense or an exciting rim-rattling jam he was using his 6’6 frame and athleticism non-stop.

Chris Coley 2018 Crab5 Elite Wing

Coley put on a show with his hops. Crab5 Elite threw him impressive lops for easy alley-oop jams. The quick acceleration of Coley is a blast to observe. You could have made an entire highlight out of the dunks he was able to put together.

Traejon Davis 2020 Team Griffin Wing

Davis thundered down dunks left and right this weekend from the Wing. He was great at slashing to the hoop for open looks at the rim. When Davis sensed any opening at the rim he pounced on the opportunity to slam it.

Carius Key 2019 Crab5 Elite Point Guard

Key is a strong body Point Guard that will surprise any team who has not seen his game with his explosiveness to the rim. Anytime he had a hint of an opening he thundered down an impressive jam. Key was one of the most exciting players to observe with all of his skill set for Crab5 Elite.

Quinton Harvey 2019 Ball 4 Life Forward 

The hops of Harvey are off the charts leading to him anchoring Ball 4 Life’s defense in the paint. As he plays more games Harvey is getting better at defending without fouling. Harvey also used his great hops for some crowd-pleasing jams.

Jacob Germany 2019 Team Griffin Post

Germany was aggressive this weekend doing his best to tear off the rim any opportunity he got. He put on a dunking clinic at the State Tournament. The way he gets up so effortlessly is flat out impressive. It almost appears sometimes as if he is not even trying to jump yet he is well above the rim.

Syrus Grisby 2019 Teamwork Oklahoma Post

Grisby was a man amongst boys at State inside. The physicality of his game matched with his leaping ability made for some impressive explosions to the rim.


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