Memorial Day Weekend MAYB Standouts: Wichita


Posted On: 05/29/18 6:25 PM

This list from one of the smaller events on Memorial Day weekend at the Wichita Sports Forum. This will serve as a living document in ways as I will add to it once I receive roster information from the respective programs.

Below are some prospects that played well that I was really excited about.

Quincy Gholar (2022)- Kansas Pray and Play 14U

It’s hard to watch Quincy and not have a good time. Quincy has range and is a knock down shooter, tight handles, and is comfortable in transition showing he can finish or make the right play and dish it when necessary.

Shawn Warrior (2020)- Kansas Pray and Play 16U

Shawn Warrior did what Shawn Warrior does. Relentlessly attacking the defense by driving the lane and finishing above the rim. This young man is entertaining to watch.

He showed off his midrange game and was excellent in transition. Very talented young man.

Alex Krogmeier (2020)- Kansas Bluejays 

Although Alex’s team struggled against Kansas Pray and Play, he had some moments that showed he had some definite upside. He can shoot the basketball and also create opportunities for himself.

As he gets more experienced playing against length and athleticism, his game will evolve to the next level, definitely someone to keep an eye on at Newton (KS) High School.

Zion Young (2023)- Kansas Pray and Play 14U

Zion played up this past weekend and showed he could hang with the older competition. He can shoot the ball well from the perimeter and also has good vision for a player his age.

He also showed some really good moves in transition as I can recall one hesitation move that completely froze his defender as he layed the ball up.

Zion is the younger brother of Roman Young, who was a Sunrise Christian standout that is now playing at Chaminade University in Hawaii.

Donald Bobbitt II- River City Black 17U

Donald had some great downhill drives where he looked as much like a running back hitting a hole as he did a guard. He’s athletic and very active defensively as he showed that he was a solid perimeter defender and has above-average lateral quickness.

Tanner Mans (2020)- Kansas Pray and Play 16U

The more I watch Tanner, the more I like him. He is an elite shooter with great mechanics and at 6’5” he should already be on college program’s radar.

I haven’t seen a ton from Tanner but it looks like he is starting to do more off the dribble and is getting more athletic the further we progress into the year as well.

Ian Liechti (2019)- River City Black 17U

I didn’t get to see a ton of Ian but he presented himself as a gritty, tough player off the bench for River City who displayed a good motor in rebounding and defensively as well.

Given Rose Hill High lost a couple of seniors, they will be relying on Ian more as he is a versatile piece for them as he can guard multiple positions at 6’4”.

Amari Thomas (2022)- Kansas Pray and Play 14U

Amari has the fundamentals to be a really talented player in the next few years as he enters high school. On multiple occasions on the low block he exhibited a good crab dribble and went towards the rim with his shot consistently. He is also active on the boards partially pulling down rebounds due to his length but also with his motor.

Depending on his growth, he runs the court well and appears to be comfortable with the ball outside of the paint, although his team doesn’t rely on him much for that. He has good hands and will be another young prospect to watch as he develops.

Ceddie Payne II (2019)- River City Black 17U

Ceddie had success this weekend attacking the paint, particularly the left lane line. His quickness not only allows him to get into the paint and he doesn’t pull back, often finishing in traffic as help defenders collapse.

If he can put on a little muscle particularly in his shoulders, I think he will be able to finish in the paint at a very high level and take that next step in his game.

Blake Danitschek (2021)- Mokan Select 15U

The incoming sophomore at Kapaun played for KS Pray and Play while Mokan had a break and played very well even though he was playing up against 17U competition.

He proved himself as a high level shooter, excelling on catch and shoot three-point opportunities. Look for him to make a splash on the high school scene this fall!