2019: Marion – Williamsburg Counties

High School
South Carolina

Posted On: 05/31/18 11:04 PM

Prep Hoops won’t stop its tour around the Palmetto State. Lets take a look at the 2019 players from Marion and Williamsburg Counties. Plenty of great BBQ spots in these areas especially at Scott’s BBQ in Hemingway along with finding a great country ham at the Cooper’s General Store in Salters.

Tariq Nowlin

Tariq Nowlin – Marion HS 

Nowlin 6’4 likes to play out on the perimeter. Nowlin DNP AAU thi past spring has good length and a wiry frame. Nowlin is very comfortable handling the ball up the court and in the open floor.

Xavier Legette

Xavier Legette – Mullins HS 

Legette is one of the best passers I’ve seen many years in the Palmetto State. Legette 6’3 rebounds the ball very well on both ends of the floor. Legette left-handed also excels on the football field as a wide receiver.

Direlle McGee

Direlle McGee – Kingstree HS 

McGee is a tough kid that won’t back down from anything. McGee a human floor burn likes to get on the floor and won’t hesitate to take a charge. McGee uses the floater and nice mid-range game when it comes to scoring the ball. McGee 5’9 averaged 11.8 ppg last season for the Jaguars (19-8).

Twanye Butler – CE Murray HS (Greeleyville)  (pictured on front) 

Butler is a human pogo stick with his quick leaping ability off the floor. Butler a left-handed forward plays strictly around the basket and collects baskets above the rim. Butler 6’4 really lacks any kind of perimeter skills.

Darius “JuJu” Williams

Darius “JuJu” Williams – Hemingway HS 

Williams recently picked up his 13th scholarship offer on the football side. Williams left-handed man child in the paint helped the Tigers win back to back 1A State Championships last season after starting off very slow to the season. Williams 6’4 averaged 9.2 ppg and 8.9 rebounds last seaon for the Tigers (20-6).

Darius Taylor – Hemingway HS 

Taylor is the top assist man in the state in the 2019 class. Taylor is just as impressive on the football field. Taylor recorded 11 interceptions last season. Taylor stays with the ball and can really get into the gaps quite easily. Taylor averaged 13 ppg, 7.2 assists, 3.8 rebounds and 2.5 steals last season. Taylor currently has 896 career points and 429 assists in 77 games. Taylor has played in the past 3 1A State Championships with a 2nd place finish to Lewisville HS a few years back and has on the past 2 championships.