Malcolm Whitlow proves that he can play with anybody


Posted On: 05/30/18 4:03 PM

On Tuesday night, 2019 Carrollwood Day guards Malcolm Whitlow and Edgar Ziegler scrimmaged for just about two hours against a mixture of current college players, NBA G-League players and international players.

Whitlow asserted himself from the start of Game 1. Wearing a light grey shirt, the 6’1″ guard went to the basket routinely, powering by defenders and creating on his own. By the end of the second game, his shirt was dark grey due to the amount of sweat and effort.

In total, Whitlow made smart decisions and set his teammates up. With a point guard mentality, he rarely shuts his brain down to do something bad on the floor. He settled for an average look on a 3-pointer late in the final game with a chance to win. Outside of that, Whitlow did all that he could getting inside and slashing to the cup.

He could certainly improve his all-around game with some added muscle to his frame, upper and lower body. He has the strength, but if he adds to it, he’ll be that much better.

Averaging 31.8 PPG this past season for Carrollwood Day, Whitlow was a threat each and every night. On a team that finished 24-4 and lost in the Class 4A region final, he was impressive from start to finish.

Nothing was more memorable than his game on Jan. 6 against Durant in the inaugural Prep Hoops Sun Bash. He dropped 47 points, shooting 14-of-24 from the field and 18-of-22 from the free throw line. Most impressively, Whitlow attempted only one 3-pointer, which he made.

Since the spring Whitlow has been running with E1T1 United. It is clear that his few months with the EYBL program has bettered his game. Whitlow was already an alpha on the court, but now his vision has improved and so has patience in base play.

His teammate, Ziegler got better as the night went on. The 6’3″ guard/forward settled for some off-balance jumpers in the early going.

Ziegler focused in and hit corner 3’s on feeds from Whitlow and company as time went on. However, his best attribute was his hustle plays down low whether it came on rebounds or attacks to the rim. Ziegler is athletic, quick without the ball and normally at his best as a spot-up shooter.

He certainly has skills as a slasher and I think if he went inside more often it would do a lot for his game and confidence.

Averaging 17.5 PPG and shooting 40 percent from 3-point land, Ziegler was no slouch either for the Patriots this past season. He’ll have his role carved out with Skills Center for July as well for travel ball.

Whitlow and Ziegler play very well off each other and since Whitlow has the vision of a point guard and the attacking of a two-guard it helps everyone around him. It was fun to watch the two battle against college guys, G-League and international pros.