Louisiana Live Periods: 17u Standouts


Posted On: 05/8/18 4:44 PM

Mylik Wilson 6’3 SG Woodz Elite (EYBL) 2019

Wilson is the top ranked player of the 2019 class in Louisiana, but he elected to continue to play with Woodz Elite out of Arkansas on the Nike EYBL, and he has picked up where he left off last grassroots season. He is leading the team in scoring, at 12.1 PPG, despite not shooting up to his usual standards, converting only 18% from 3, well below the norm for a usual absolute knockdown shooter. I’m interested to see if he is able to get back to his usual form for the rest of the EYBL sessions, and if he does I would expect to see another uptick in the offers that he receives. The only criticism of Wilson’s game is that he is only averaging 1.6 APG and has a below 1:1 A:TO Ratio, which simply isn’t good enough for a player that I had heard a lot about potentially making a transition to lead guard from his more usual off guard spot.

Greg Hammond 6’5 G Louisiana Supreme (Adidas Gauntlet) 2019

So far this grassroots season, Hammond has been the highest riser in the state, and it hasn’t been all that close to be honest. Less than 2 months ago, Hammond didn’t have a single offer on the table. Now after two big weekends on the Adidas Gold Circuit, Hammond has more than 10 offers, including some big names such as __________________. Through 2 live period sessions, he is averaging 12.8 PPG and has a 2:1 A:TO ratio. I will be the first to admit that this Louisiana Supreme team has exceeded my expectations, and a big reason for that is Hammond’s play so far.

Tylan Pope 6’7 F Pro Skills (EYBL) 2019

Pope is another player that has played at an even higher level than I was expecting, averaging 10 PPG and 5 RPG for a Pro Skills team that has shocked everyone with the amount of team success that they are having so far. Pope provides a ton of energy all over the court, on both sides of the ball. That energy level has impressed a large number of college coaches, and Pope picked up a number of offers, with the biggest ones coming from Baylor and Texas A&M

Jordan Wright 6’5 G Pro Skills (EYBL) 2019

Surprise, surprise, another grassroots season has begun, and Jordan Wright has been one of the best players in the state. He has played extremely well for Pro Skills, and is going to continue to pick up big time offers if he this trend continues. He currently leads the team in minutes, and is top 2 on the team in points, assists, and rebounds, just showing how versatile his game is.

Tra’Michael Moton 6’1 G Louisiana Elite (UAA) 2019

Despite just how well Jalen Cook has been playing for LA Elite (we will get to that), he isn’t leading the team in minutes played. That honor goes to Tra’Michael Moton, who has been a vital cog for one of the top teams in the Under Armor Association. He is the 2nd leading scorer on the team at just over 10ppg, and has done it in an extremely efficient pace.  

Damiree Burns 6’7 F Louisiana Supreme (Adidas Gauntlet) 2019

Burns has been one of the biggest surprises for me, and talking with college coaches, they are saying the same. He has shown the ability to handle the ball and make good decisions against some of the best talent in to country, and his defensive impact hasn’t slipped at all. Burns projects as a 3/4 tweener at the next level, but he has shown an increased ability to shoot the ball from deep, and has increased his stock tremendously.

Jacoby Decker 5’9 G Louisiana Select Team Milsap 2019

Decker is the only player on this list that doesn’t play on one of the shoe sponsored circuits, but don’t let that take away from his impressive accomplishments so far this grassroots season. He started his live period with a 31 point performance at the Great American Shootout in Dallas, and hasn’t looked back. Despite his size, Decker can get to his spot, and get a quality shot off anytime that he wants. He is a no doubt D1 prospect, grades permitted, and has continued to prove that.

Jalen Cook 6’0 G Louisiana Elite (UAA) 2020

Despite being the youngest player on this list, Jalen Cook might have had the most impressive live period of anyone in state playing 17u. Through the first live period, he was the 3rd leading scorer in the Under Armor Association, and was in the top 5 in assists. He followed that up with a 20 point performance against one of the best guards in the country for the 2020 class Jalen Suggs. After his incredible weekend, he was able to pick up an offer to LSU, which I know that Cook has been looking forward to.  Jalen has firmly supplanted himself as the top player of the 2020 class in the state, and I don’t think that will be changing anytime soon.