Live Period II: 2020 Prospects


Posted On: 05/2/18 6:56 PM

The second live period has come to a close and coaches are back at the respective schools, we are back at home, and prospects are fielding calls from those interested in them from their play.  Today, we take a look back and see who played well and who some new names are from this weekend. This is our breakdown of the players we saw standout this weekend. These are our top 2020 prospects from the Spring Classic, Nike Midwest Takeover, and UA Midwest Showcase.

Turner Royal – 6’1 / PG / 2020 / Bloomfield (IN) / DistinXion 2020 Black

Royal is a solid lead guard that has grown in the last year and has been a pretty consistent shooter. He’s over 6’0 now and the frame has filled out a bit.  His jumper looked good and was solid off the catch.  He’s really gotten better at creating off the bounce and with the size, I think that is going to become more pronounced in his game.

James Bomba – 6’5 / PF / 2020 / Bloomington South (IN) / DistinXion 2020 Black

James is among the bigger of his older brothers and looks physically solid. Big, 6’5 forward with mobility and strength. Plays like a small ball four with his interior face-up game and rebounding ability. Physical enough to really do damage inside and carve out space. Want to see if he can shoot it but overall, was impressed with the skill and size.

Keegan O’Neill – 6’8 / PF / 2020 / Barr-Reeve (IN) / DistinXion 2020 Black

O’Neill is a big, bruising post player who can stretch the floor. He showed he could still knock down the outside jumper and looks a little more refined in his release. He’s got a great, big frame but could tone it up to show off the mobility a little more. He’s really difficult to defend and if he can improve his defensive rebounding, he could become a really coveted player.

Noah Hupmann – 6’11 / C / 2020 / Evansville Day (IN) / DistinXion 2020 Black

Hupmann is a really thin post player whose going to have to fill out the frame a ton but has really started to become a productive player. Active and decently mobile, he’s not particularly fast getting up and down the floor but once he is in the paint, he seems to find the ball and has just enough strength to finish through contact.  If the strength and frame improve, he has some upside.

Mitchell Wilson – 5’11 / PG / 2020 / Columbia City (IN) / Team Focus 2020 Gold

Wilson is a big guard with a really good perimeter jumper and scoring ability. He looks physically set and while he doesn’t have a ton of size, he’s loaded with strength and knows how to use it. Tough and a bit of a gamer, Wilson controls the pace and tone of the game. Scores it well from all three levels and looked a bit better finishing at the rim.

Michael Redding – 6’0 / SG / 2020 / Fort Wayne Wayne (IN) / Team Focus 2020 Gold

Redding is a thin guard with really good shooting ability.  Maybe a better ball handler at this stage than his older brother but a capable shooter off the catch and enough handles to create along the perimeter. Likely an off-guard long term, more to take advantage of his shooting, but fully expecting him to continue growing and add a couple more inches before it is all done.

Tommy Moore – 5’8 / PG / 2020 / Lakeview (MI) / SYF 2020

Moore is a small guard with good speed and pace to his game.  He’s really well built for his size and likes to attack the rim when he can. Did show that he can knock down a shot and produce on the offensive end. A little limited in his defensive ability in switching but he is quick enough to cut of passing lanes and get some easy transition points.

Charlie Yoder – 6’4 / SF / 2020 / Westview (IN) / SYF 2020

Yoder is a tall wing with a ton of toughness and skill. He’s a little thin right now but that isn’t really a concern because he outplays everyone on the court and has now issues finishing at the rim. Really good ball handler with some athleticism and always has a pull-up jumper in his back pocket if he needs to pull it out.  All-around solid scoring guard with upside as the frame fills out.

Cleveland Neal – 6’2 / SF / 2020 / Bowman Academy (IN) / SYF 2020

Neal is a big wing who is a bit undersized for his current skill set but could still grow into upside.  Handles the ball okay but likes to play physical and slash to the hoop.  Rebounds well and has a little length to him.  If he can grow a little, he’s going to be a handful to defend when he looks to put his head down and go at the rim. Or, if shooting becomes more of a staple, that could help him to spread the floor.