Live Period II: 2019 SF Standouts


Posted On: 05/3/18 11:41 PM

The second live period has come to a close and coaches are back at the respective schools, we are back at home, and prospects are fielding calls from those interested in them from their play.  Today, we take a look back and see who played well and who some new names are from this weekend. This is a breakdown of the best small forwards that I saw on the weekend from the Spring Classic and UA Midwest Showcase.

Jesse Bingham | 6’5 SF | Indiana Elite Fastbreak | Warren Central (IN)

Jesse was really solid as the tallest player on the floor most of the time for Fastbreak. He was able to get to the rim and finish off of offensive rebounds. He showed a little bit of his handles in the open floor and was shooting the ball pretty solid. A guy who hasn’t even reached his potential yet and is very versatile since he can guard pretty much every spot on the floor.


Nathan Aerts | 6’6 SF | Indiana GAME | Valparaiso (IN)

Aerts was shooting the ball really well and getting to the rim. He is a tall wing who needs to gain a bit of athleticism but was solid overall. Loves to sit in the corner and flash up to the top of the key. Has the ability to drive the ball to the rim as well and finish. A really solid player with the full package. Doesn’t do anything great, but can do everything solidly.

Terin Kinsway | 6’5 SF | NOVA Village | Delaware Hayes (OH)

Kinsway is a big bodied wing who has a ton of muscle to him. When matched up on smaller guards he can easily back them down and score in the post. Kinsway is able to get into the lane and finish at a high rate. Kinsway isn’t afraid of anyone and will take it right at you to score.

Lunden McDay | 6’3 SF | NOVA Village | STVM (OH)

McDay played as well as I have seen him this year. He is an athletic guard who loves to slash to the basket. He threw down a dunk in transition and ran the floor well. A NAIA guy who has the potential to be solid once he develops a repeatable outside shot.

Myles Johnson | 6’5 SF | Indiana Elite Metro | Homeschool Wildcats (IN)

Johnson played great in the two games that I caught. He was shooting the ball really well from deep and getting to the basket at a high rate. He is starting to mold himself into a very solid player with tons of upside. He’s long and lanky and could be a really solid NAIA wing at the right school.


Jacob LaRavia | 6’6 SF | Gametime Thomas | Lawrence Central (IN)

LaRavia continues his really good play this spring. He’s a tall wing who can shoot the cover off the ball and is beginning to have the confidence to take his man off the dribble. He finishes well at the rim and can rebound from the wing as well as anyone. A high level small school player.

Noah Jordan | 6’6 SF | Gametime Thomas | Indianapolis Metro (IN)

Jordan is a thin wing who was hitting the boards hard for easy putbacks. He likes to patrol the inside of the paint and get easy rebounds and putbacks. Jordan is still fairly raw , but you can see the potential that he has. An projectable guy who in the right system could develop nicely.

Alan Cox | 6’6 SF | Indiana Faith Black | Franklin Central (IN)

Cox is a big thick wing, who has a nice looking stroke from deep. He was shooting the ball pretty solidly and running the floor in transition. Needs to work on his off hand so he can become more valuable on the drive. Solid rebounder with a bit of grit to him.

Jaiquan Edwards | 6’5 SF | Indiana Faith Black | Crispus Attucks (IN) 

Edwards looked really good today. He was more aggressive and he was hitting his shots. Edwards is skilled but he doesn’t usually show it the entire game but in this one he did. He showed me that he could put it on the floor and drive as well as take it on the catch and shoot. He was able to score at the I’m all game long. A good shot blocker as well.


Lucas Kroft | 6’5 SF | 1Nation | Fort Wayne North (IN)

Kroft looked really good this past weekend at Under Armour. He quickly hit three three-pointers early on in the game that I saw and looked good attacking the trim as well. He was hustling on defense and looked like he had gotten a little more athletic. He needs to get better laterally before he can make that next big leap.