Posted On: 05/1/18 10:59 PM


The second live period has come to a close and coaches are back at the respective schools, we are back at home, and prospects are fielding calls from those interested in them from their play.  Today, we take a look back and see who played well and who some new names are from this weekend. This is a breakdown of the best point guards that I saw on the weekend from the Spring Classic and UA Midwest Showcase.

Gabe Gladish | 6’1 PG | DistinXion Red | Barr-Reeve (IN)

Gladish is a strong bodied guard who has the skill to be able to go off for points in bunches. He is a guy who can get down the floor quickly with the ball and rarely turn it over. Super fundamental with the things that he does and really excels in the open floor. Could stay on the ball in college so he needs to work on his handling a bit more and speed without the ball.

Dwan Redding Jr. | 5’10 PG | DistinXion Red | Evansville North (IN)

A small quick guard with handles is all that Redding really is. He has the ability to shoot the ball and get to the rim but lives on breaking down his man and finding the open guy. Can hit it from deep if he needs to. A small guard who you can plug in at either guard spot.

Antonio Thomas | 6’2 PG | Team Thad | Ridgeway (TN)

What really stood out to me this weekend about Thomas was his uncanny ability to get to the rim and finish there with both hands. He was able to contort himself in the middle of the air to score acrobatic buckets. He can drive with either hand, which makes it tough on opposing defenses. A good sized point guard for someone.

Elijah Campbell | 5’10 PG | Grassroots Sizzle | North (MN)

Campbell is a small guard who is very wiry and thin. He could use some more weight packed on his body at the next level but is such a good floor general that I think he will be just fine. A good communicator who is very good on the drive with either hand. Needs to be a little better on defense as he was a step behind in this one, but in the future will be fine guarding other point guards at the next level.

Camryn Dennis | 6’2 PG | Oklahoma Run PWP | Broken Arrow (OK)

Dennis is a really long lead guard who has the ability to be an elite defender at the next level. He is a guy who moves well without the ball and can create for his teammates really well. Dennis is a guy who is able to get to the rim at anytime due to his length and he’s able to really put points up in a hurry. Could have games where it doesn’t seem like he does much but in reality he is having a great game.

Luke Bumbalough | 6’ PG | G3 Grind | New Castle (IN)

Bumbalough really impressed me with his speed and that he pushed the ball up to the half court stripe every opportunity he got. He made a few shots in the game but I was more impressed with his ability to handle the ball. Bumbalough can score the basketball, its just than he doesn’t show it all the time. If he is able to start scoring more consistently, then I think he will be very tough to stop.

Payton Modlin | 6’ PG | Indiana Faith Black | Greenwood Christian (IN)

Modlin is a very effective lead guard with some savvy to his game. He’s a pass first guard with the ability to knock it down if he needs to. He needs to work on his passing as he had some errant passes but his vision was pretty solid. A true point guard who will do anything for his team. Well built on a solid frame. 

Micah Thomas | 6’1 PG | Oklahoma Run PWP | Putnam City North (OK)

Thomas is a quick and shifty lead guard who can handle the ball really well. He can drive through double teams like it’s his job and then either score or find the open man. Thomas has great hands on the defense side of the ball poking a ton of balls lose and then getting to the other end quickly. He finishes really well at the rim over taller defenders. A solid performance this weekend from Thomas.