Live Period II: 2019 PG Standouts Pt. 1


Posted On: 05/1/18 10:53 PM

The second live period has come to a close and coaches are back at the respective schools, we are back at home, and prospects are fielding calls from those interested in them from their play.  Today, we take a look back and see who played well and who some new names are from this weekend. This is a breakdown of the best point guards that I saw on the weekend from the Spring Classic and UA Midwest Showcase.

Manual Brown | 6’1 PG | Indiana Elite Fastbreak | Scecina Memorial (IN)

This was the best that I’ve seen Brown play in a long time. He was aggressive getting to the rim and was elevating on his jumper really well. He handled the ball pretty well as Big 3 was pressuring the basketball pretty heavily in this one. A low major guy who plays with a ton of energy.

Keith Rupert | 6’ PG | Indiana Elite Fastbreak | Mt. Vernon (IN)

Rupert really asserted himself with his ability to shoot the ball. He stayed on the perimeter for most of the game and kept knocking down the deep balls. He was able to help Fastbreak on the perimeter as well with his handling. A solid scoring option when he is hitting.

James Donaldson | 6’3 PG | Illinois Stars Elite | Bloomington (IL)

Donaldson is a guy who can play both on the ball or off but his best asset is his scoring ability off the catch. He showed a few different ways to score the ball driving it and shooting it. His handles are really solid as he commands the ball most of the game but his best asset is his scoring right now.

Tyler Zabrecky | 6’ PG | Indiana GAME | Munster (IN)

Zabrecky didn’t do much in the way of scoring the ball but his ball handling and passing was really good. He threw a few no look passes that turned into buckets and his vision was exceptional. Not a guy that will score a lot of points but one that will limit your teams turnovers at the guard spot.

Jeremiah Keene | 6’1 PG | NOVA Village | Westerville (OH)

Keene is a quick lead guard who needs to improve his handles a bit to stick on the ball. Has a jumper that he can use and he does get into the lane quite often. Tough nosed guard and can flat out play against competition. Low major prospect.

Zachary Banks | 6’ PG | Gametime Thomas | Westfield (IN)

Banks is a super athletic lead guard who looks to pass the ball more than shoot it. If he does look to score he tries to get into the lane to slam it. Banks is thin but makes up for that with the speed he goes at. He is always working so players will hate to be guarded by him. He is a high level communicator on the floor too.

Jaylen Cannon |  5’11 PG | Gametime Thomas | Indianapolis Howe (IN)

Cannon was doing everything in this one. He was pushing the ball up the floor and getting to the rim. His jumper was really good and he was able to finish at the rim despite his height. Cannon is extremely fast with the ball making it very hard for defenders to guard him. He’s small, but very shifty. 

Dekeyvan Tandy | 6’2 PG | Team Thad | University Heights (KY)

Tandy was one of the more impressive players on this list. He was passing the ball really well setting up his teammates and he was scoring the ball in a ton of different ways. Getting to the rim, pull-ups, dunks, Tandy was doing it all. A very tough kid who can simply score the basketball. Gets after it on defense as well. You can tell that he is a highly competitive player and one who wants to win anywhere he goes.