Late May 17u AAU Rankings


Posted On: 05/23/18 12:23 AM

Two weeks is an eternity in AAU basketball and the PrepHoopsTN 17u rankings endured a needed shakeup from two weeks back.  Many champions emerged in the last few weeks, including Team Thad 17u, Memphis Prep, EAB 17u and Chattanooga Elite Navy.

Head Coach Kevin Feltner’s Tennessee Bobcats battled EAB.  Though they lost the Bobcats boast a frighteningly stout roster capable of challenging any of the top Tennessee programs this season.  Reigning Division II Class A Tournament MVP Grant Ledford demands defensive attention.

Two teams hopped into the Top 15.  Memphis Prep belongs now after upending the #6 team Hoop City during Memphis in May!  The leapfrogged many Tennessee teams to land at #6 this week.

Memphis Magic Elite historically challenged adidas foes.  While they now fight as an independent outfit the squad is still stuffed with feisty, scrappy players.  Shemar Johnson, Traizon Byrd, and Brandon Mason bring offensive creativity to the Magic team now debuting at #14.

EOTO-TN needed a Bob Gibbons title to surpass Team Thad Elite (#5) or hold off Memphis in May Silver Champions Memphis Prep (now #6).  In four close games EOTO-TN won three times.  One victory was a forfeit win over the South Fulton Lions.  Credit EOTO-TN with sticking close to the Atlanta All-Stars.  For what it is worth the Atlanta All-Stars 17u feature several DI players (Leslie Nkereuwem, Jayvion Rucker, Brady Spence).  EOTO-TN was the only team to keep the Atlanta All-Stars within five points.  The Penguins lost 54-50 Saturday afternoon to the eventual Bob Gibbons 17u Black Champion.

Dropping out of the 17u team rankings this week are Clarksville Select and Ft. Campbell Snipers.  Both are nipping on the heels of the #15 Memphis Bulls squad.

Our 17u top five teams stay fixed, but EAB is closer than ever to BMaze Elite (#3) and Team Thad Elite would have dropped if anybody close behind captured a title.  Chattanooga Elite Navy did win in Alabama, but they climbed just the one spot to #11.

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1Bluff City LegendsEYBLDid not advance beyond pool play of Peach Jam.2
2Team ThadUnderArmourLost to Illinois Wolves in UA Challenge Sweet 16.1
3BMazeUnderArmourTook down MATTS Mustangs (KY) and Team Rio (NJ) in UA Challenge.3
4EAB-Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions Champion.4
5Team Thad Elite-Added Deovaunta Williams and it makes a difference. 4-1 in ATL.5
6EOTO TNadidas SilverOnly Charlotte Dragons defeated EOTO at PIT.7
7Memphis Prep-A fleet of guards represents Memphis with pride.--
8Hoop City Eliteadidas GoldFinished 2-2 in NYC. Adding an army of new players. Will soar.6
9Tennessee Bobcats-Grant Ledford sits, but they still win.11
10Tennessee TigersRecruitLookRounding into form for Coach Smith.8
11Mid South Kings-Rugged. Proud NW Tennessee team.10
12Memphis Magic EliteScrappy, guard-driven unit.14
13Chattanooga Elite NavyGatoradeAn AAU staple, Chatt Elite is back.12
14PSB Chattanooga-Well-coached. Strong shooters.9
15Tennessee PanthersPutting together an impressive July with Jalen Cincore.--