Kings of the Court: Best Slashers


Posted On: 05/24/18 1:41 PM

It’s an essential skill to have for big-time scorers, slashers are the guys who seemingly melt the opponent and attack the hoop at will, slicing and dicing though the competition to get to the rim. It’s a lot easier for most guys to score when they’re right at the hoop. These eight top-flight slashers were serious offensive threats last weekend in Des Moines because of their ability to get to the rim. 


Cortaviaus Seales, 6′ PG (Iowa Mavericks-Gosnell 17U)

The North Scott product was doing what he wanted, when he wanted, and it’s his mixture of speed, athleticism, a tight handle and all out aggressiveness that helped him get to the rim at will. His slender frame was able to fit through spots that others would have trouble doing.



Trayvon Williams, 6’3 G (Kingdom Hoops-Mosley 17U)

Maybe the best slasher in the state right now, Williams is nearly impossible to contain when he’s coming at you downhill. Once the Valley rising-senior masters his ability to finish, he’ll be an elite scorer.



Dylan Decklever, 6’2 G (Iowa Mavericks-Schlabaugh 16U)

An up-and-coming prospect from Linn-Mar, Decklever possesses above average athletic ability, and his skill level is progressing nicely.  He’s a savvy passer when he does get in the lane, making him a threat in more ways than one while he’s slashing.



Marquis George-Townes, 6’2 SF (Kingdom Hoops Elite II 16U)

A jack off all trades out on the floor, the Bondurant-Farrar rising-junior has the body and build of an undersized post, but the skill-set of a guard/wing. He was shooting it adeptly and slashing often. He puts the ball and the deck and just goes, no fancy moves for him. Check out this game-winner he had on Sunday.

Willie Guy, 5’10 G (Iowa Mavericks-Gosnell 17U)

The Cedar Rapids Jefferson rising-senior was ballin’ all weekend long, and although he’s certainly one of the state’s best shooters (we already knew that) he surprised us a bit with his penchant for playing an aggressive, attack the hoop brand of hoops. He’s so fast and strong, when he decided to get to the rim, he was getting there.


Isaiah Johnson, 6’1 G (Martin Brothers 16U)

One of the better athletes in Iowa’s 2020 class, Johnson’s strength lies in getting up and potentially slamming one one home once he gets to the rim. An often electrifying player, the Waterloo West rising-junior has a high ceiling.



Jaden Keller, 6’3 G (Martin Brothers 16U)

Another Waterloo West guy makes this list. Keller excels at getting to the rim because of his long and wiry frame. It takes just a couple steps from the perimeter and he’s there. And he uses those long arms to score over opponents one he gets there.



Reid Grant, 6’2 G (Kingdom Hoops Elite 15U)

We’ve seen the class of 2021 plenty this month, and our current analysis says: Johnston’s Grant Reid is without a doubt one of the best prospects in the class. A rising-sophomore, Reid has a pretty good jumper, but he’s not afraid to put his head down and get to the hoop. He handles it pretty well, and has some good size, too. The Dragons have a good one coming through the ranks.