Posted On: 05/22/18 10:12 AM

Des Moines — Some guys are flashy, others stick to the basics; whether showy or fundamental, these eight guys were always in control of their handle last weekend at Kingdom Courts. Below, we’ll highlight eight of the best ball-handlers we saw at Kings of the Court. 


Nathaniel Mueller, 5’6 PG (Kingdom Hoops Elite 15U)

A dynamic point guard who’s low to to the ground and nearly impossible to get the ball from. He’s got a lot of flare to his game, but is always in control. Mueller is a special talent.




Tre McCrary, 6’1 PG (Iowa Mavericks-Schlabaugh 16U)

Athletic and skilled, ball-handling is his McCrary’s best strength; and he uses that tight handle to create separation and get into the lane, where he can finish at the rim or create for teammates adeptly.




Malachi Peasley, 5’8 PG (Central Iowa Young Guns Navy 16U)

This Panorama sophomore had a moment where he broke down his man and subsequently sent the crowd watching into a frenzy. He’s crisp.




Nick Pepin, 5’10 PG (Martin Brothers 16U)

The motor on this kid is off the charts, he’s everywhere, always. And his ability to run the offense was crucial to the Martin Brothers 16s success last weekend. He’s not flashy with his handle, but he’s efficient, and seldom turned the ball over.




Ozzie Meiborg, 5’11 G (Iowa Mavericks-Cleveland 16U)

A swiss army knife, Meiborg is a guy that has a lot of skills in his arsenal. His ability to handle the ball has improved greatly over the past year-plus, and he’s to a point now, where he can be considered a point guard or a shooting guard.




Cortaviaus Seales, 6’1 PG (Iowa Mavericks 17U-Gosnell)

We’re sure after last weekend’s [performances, that Seales is one of the top point guards in Iowa. He was knifing through the competition, and uses a slender athletic frame and his solid handles to dominate each time he stepped onto the floor.




Jackson Molstead, 5’10 PG (Martin Brothers 17U)

He’s an a to b guy, and is never too showy with his handles (although he can make some flashy passes on occasion). Molstead just gets the job done, and does a nice job of using his stellar handle to create separation and score himself, and to create for teammates.




Hosea Treadwell, 6’1 G (Kingdom Hoops 17U-Mosley)

This Des Moines Hoover junior is a shooting guard, but with the ability to handle like a PG. He’s certainly not afraid to launch from several feet beyond the 3-point line, but an improved handle makes him a tremendous threat to knife to to the hoop when opponents want to aggressively close out.