Josh Level Classic Standout Players: Part 1

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 05/21/18 5:24 PM

The Josh Level Classic took place at Dudley HS on Saturday night and the event was definitely a success, the main objective of this event was to remember and honor Josh Level as well as bringing the community together. The gyms lower level was packed in the bleachers and on the sidelines so the environment was all that you could hope for, once you combine that with high level talent then you have a special event overall , let’s take a look at some of the standouts from this event.

Coby White: He was named the Game MVP, dropping 41 points with ease and showing that he has a different level to his game. Not only did he knock down shots at a high rate, but he made some outstanding passes and defended at a high level. His desire to win every time he steps on the floor is something that you don’t see from many his age and the fans at Chapel-Hill should be very excited.

Aaron Wiggins: Terp fans should be looking forward to having this young man on campus, he has the size, skillset and versatility to play multiple positions. Throughout the game he scored the ball at a nice level as well as showing some ball handling skills.

Audiese Toney: We have seen his stock rise over the past year and watching him on Saturday would clearly show you why. He has a nice skillset overall and has improved his 3 point shooting in a major way as he knocked down clutch trey balls in the second half.

Wendell Moore: One of the younger players in the event, he had some moments where he showed what he could do. His ability to knock down some shots as well as create space was shown, playing through contact and attacking with his offhand are area for improvement but overall there is a lot to like about him.

John Newman: Clemson got a good one in Mr. Newman, he can score and defend at a high level regardless of who he is matched up with. He plays the game with a confidence that you have to like and has only gotten better each time we have seen him play, he is one of those we feel that will flourish once he gets to the next level.

Greg Gantt: If you have any social media, then you know that Gantt has been blowing up lately. Why do you ask? Well this game showed, he’s 6’7 with nice versatility and upper body strength, he can score the ball inside and out as well as defend perimeter and post players. His ability to make plays above the rim on offense and defense are things that you have to love, and the colleges will continue to call this young man.