Intro: John Poulakidas (2021)


Posted On: 05/21/18 3:00 PM

We had heard some buzz about Neuqua Valley 6’5” wing John Poulakidas having a strong spring and Battle at the Lakes was our first chance to see him play.  This kid has tremendous length and should grow a couple more inches.  He can really shoot the basketball.  Sound looking lefty shot.  He handles it just ok at this stage, but did mix in some crafty drives.  Definitely an intriguing player to continue to follow. He spoke about what he does well. “I know I am a shooter and teams know that I can shoot so right now I am trying to elevate my game where if they close hard on me I have a couple dribbles and can get to the basket.  I am long so I can use my length to my advantage if I am playing quicker.  If somebody tries to post me up I can play defense on them.” How was his high school season? “As a team we went 10-19 and lost in the play in game to Joliet West, but for me as a freshman there was a lot of lessons.  I was the leading scorer on my team.” He is enjoying running with Young & Reckless 15U this spring. “I like it a lot.  All these guys are pushing me every day in practice.  It forces me to become a guard.  Run up the floor constantly.  I like it a lot.”