Intro: Davis Walker (2020)


Posted On: 05/19/18 3:00 PM

Davis Walker is a home schooled 6’1” combo guard that really impressed with his play for Team RWA at Battle at the Lakes.  The 2020 wing was lights out for the most part drilling mid-range pull ups from all over the floor.  Also connected on a pull up threes.  Good strength and athleticism out of this guard which allow him to finish in the paint.  He is more than just a scorer as he displays a solid understanding of the game making crisp dishes.  Defensively he moves well laterally and got several steals.  Low-majors and mid-majors need to monitor him this spring.

He spoke about his spring with Team RWA.

“It is going really great.  I love it with this team.  We have every position filled.  Really good group.”

Playing for a home school team is unique.

“We have a home school team that goes out and plays some of the high schools and Christian schools and prep schools.  It went really well.  I think we lost four games.  We lost to Lake Forest Academy.  I think that is the only high school we lost too.  We beat Rich South.  There is a home school nationals and we went down there and got second.”

What are the advantages and disadvantages to home school as a basketball prospect?

“Being home schooled I get to focus on school and basketball.  No distractions.  Focus on basketball.  You are not as known from the start being home schooled.  Not playing the top high schools so that is tough, but AAU helps.”

Davis spoke about his game.

“I am a guard that can get my shots and get everyone involved.  I play defense and rebound.”

Programs that have spoken to his coaches with Team RWA about him include SEMO, Western Illinois, and Eastern Illinois.