Indy: Top 16U Backcourt Prospects


Posted On: 05/1/18 5:00 AM

There were five tournaments in Indianapolis this weekend, including the EYBL and UAA circuits. With that being said, there was obvious high school talent on display all throughout the city, including from Indiana’s eastern neighbor. So, we’re recapping all of the action by Ohio’s top performers. Today’s focus is on the 2020 class.

Josiah Fulcher, 6’2” G, All Ohio Red EYBL / Pickerington Central

Fulcher impressed with his high-IQ on both ends of the floor. He had timely cuts and knew where to position himself beyond the arch. Although his shot is slightly unorthodox, with a semi-sideways spin on it, Fulcher connects from deep consistently. He’s also a plus-defender capable of guarding 1-3 because of his quickness and instincts.

Marcus Johnson, 6’3” W, All Ohio Red EYBL / Columbus South

Johnson played the best we’d ever seen in their first game on Friday night. He’s trusted in their starting lineup and makes a major impact in their full-court trap defense. Johnson is a super active athlete and is able to contribute to turnovers with his closing speed and active hands. He also had a ridiculous chase-down block in transition defense.

Matt Allocco, 6’3” PG, C2K Elite / Hilliard Bradley

Watching Allocco, you get the sense that he’s just completely aware of what’s happening with all ten players at all times. His vision and communication is through the roof. He’s arguably the state’s best at running a team. Allocco primarily facilitated their offense when we watched, but he’s also a consistent finisher inside. Used rip-throughs and jab steps to get a half-step on his defender and protect the ball.

He received an offer from Kent State yesterday.

Zeb Jackson, 6’3” G, C2K Elite / Maumee Valley

Jackson’s quickness with the ball is absolutely special. Now that he’s consistently hitting jumpers off the dribble with range, the kid is basically indefensible. Jackson also has good vision, defensive ability, and ball protection. He could potentially be a lock-down defender if he adds a little more strength, as he’s always in position and is lightning quick.

Brendan Lamb, 5’9” PG, Mid Ohio Pumas Elite 2020 / Clinton Massie

Lamb doesn’t usually play with this Puma group, which makes his ability to immediately produce this weekend impressive. He didn’t force anything, just simply made the right play, delivered clever passes, and moved his feet defensively.

Lamb’s father informed us that he will finish his high school career at Clinton Massie, where he will continue to be a two-sport college prospect (football).