Hoop Test NW Recap: Top Point Guards in the 16U Division


Posted On: 05/8/18 5:00 AM

This past weekend, Iron Athletics and Roots Sports Academy hosted the Hoop Test NW tournament in Kelso, Washington. Throughout plenty of good basketball, the following players were the most successful floor generals from the 16U division:

Hunter Ecklund, 5’11, Iron Athletics Sixers 16U, Class of 2020

Hunter Ecklund has the type of court vision that every coach wants from their point guard. A maestro on the fast break, Ecklund knows where each of his teammates are at all times, and is able to get everyone involved on the offensive end. The Iron Athletics Sixers won the Hoop Test NW tournament, and Ecklund’s control of the game was a big reason why.

Brad Lackey, 6’0, Iron Athletics Sixers 16U, Class of 2020

Brad Lackey is more of a scoring point guard than Ecklund, which allows the two to play together, while also giving the Sixers a different style based on which point guard is running the show. Lackey uses an array of moves to get to the rim or to shake his defender while he pulls-up for three, all while playing with great pace and intensity. He has been having a great spring and should find himself playing a key role for Union High School during summer ball.

Squeeky Johnson, 6’0, Vancouver Grizzlies, Class of 2021

Squeeky Johnson has maturity beyond his years. Coming off of a freshman year in which he played full-time Varsity at Skyview High School, Johnson has shown a level of composure that is seldom found at his age. Adding to his level-headed play and high basketball IQ, he demonstrated the ability to lead his team in scoring this weekend, averaging 19.0 points per game on Saturday.