Future Stars Classic: Top Shot Blockers


Posted On: 05/2/18 10:14 AM

These players had offensive players doing double takes as they entered the lane because they feared their shot would get sent into the third row.

Payton Moguire 2022 MN Heat – Engen 8

Moguire’s size is noticeable when you walk into the gym to watch his team play. He moves really well for a big man and has nice touch around the rim. On defense he blocks shots with ease and racks them up quickly. He blocked multiple people and the same possession once this weekend and it was quite impressive.

Kadan Zenzen 2022 The Hustle

Zenzen had guards shaking in their boots when they entered the paint against him because of his long arms and threat to block them. Zenzen atler many shots and block many more for his team all weekend and also snatched tons of boards.

Jack Pollert 2022 The Hustle

Like his teammate Zenzen, Pollert made his mark on the defensive end returning the sending of weak layups. He had a Lebron-like chase down block which is rare to see from an 8th grader. He also provided a lot for his team on the offensive end knocking down shots and attacking the basket.

Kenneth Edwards 2022 WisconsinScholars

Edwards used his long arms to reject many shots that came his way all weekend. He also had soft hands as a big man that helped him around the basket.

Owen Dukowitz 2022 MN Crossfire – Barker

Dukowitz is everywhere on the floor for his team and provides excellent energy. He plays everywhere on the floor from on the wing to playing inside. He used his athleticism to reject many shots and start fast breaks for his team.