Fresh 15u Team Rankings


Posted On: 05/17/18 3:03 PM

Fifteen 15u teams earned placement in the first @PrepHoopsTN team rankings last week.  One fell off the plank (Upward Stars-South) leaving a vacancy.  Team Tae Flight Boyz hopped in narrowly.

Two teams took a slight tumble, Hoop City and Chattanooga Elite Navy.  A feisty Upward Stars-TN team held on at #5 despite three hunters on their heels.  RSD (#6), Memphis Magic Elite (#7) and BMaze (#8) can each make a strong case for top five inclusion.

Don’t overlook the #3 team Bluff City Legends.  Their play on Nike’s E15 circuit demands attention.


Two teams climbed significantly up the 15u rankings this week.  Club 51 performed well at The Association helping them ascend.

W.A.C.G. put together a fantastic performance outside of Atlanta at E15.  Five wins in six games!!  Are they better than Team Thad 15u?  It is tough to say.  While Team Thad captured a Memphis in May Championship and just keeps winning the field for E15 was much, much stronger.  Only Houston Hoops 15u found a way to defeat W.A.C.G. this weekend, 66-64.

Both teams play wonderful basketball, but the big stage dominance of W.A.C.G. shoots them to #1 for now.


1WACGEYBLW.A.C.G. picked up 5 impressive wins at Nike E15.1
2Team ThadUASuper 60 Champions.2
3Bluff City LegendsEYBLLegends finished 2-2 at Nike EYBL Boo Williams event.3
4EAB-The 15u team managed three wins outside Atlanta, but narrowly fell to Atlanta Celtics.4
5RSD-A star 2022 joins three rankable 2021's.6
6Upward Stars-TNadidas Silver15u finished 3-2 last weekend. They fought Team Thad until the final 5 minutes in Brentwood last month.5
7BMazeUABMaze 15u have been invited to UA Challenge in July.8
8Memphis BullsPlayed 16u at Bama Jam.--
9Hoop City Eliteadidas GoldMemorial Day Showcase Champions.9
10Knoxville Free Agents-Fundamental unit.11
11Club 51GatoradeFour wins in Terre Haute.10
12TN Edge-Coach Tony assembled some unheralded talents.12
13Team WestGatoradeDefeated Chattanooga Elite Navy head-to-head.--
14Chattanooga Elite NavyGatoradeLost once in Gatorade Association over Memorial Day weekend.13
15CBGWon five minor tournaments already.--