Posted On: 05/21/18 12:30 PM

The Exposure HoopFest brought out some serious talent from the state of Louisiana. Most of my viewing was the 16u bracket but there were some 2019 athletes that stood out when I got the opportunity to watch them. The GW Carver HS gym was rocking for the majority of the tournament with high level talent showcasing their abilities. These Ten athletes really raised their stock throughout the weekend.


Kalil Thomas (6’3 SG, Crusaders Elite, Holy Cross) – After spending the majority of the past few seasons and the live periods with Texas Pro, Kalil decided to get some local run in with Crusaders Elite (Adidas Gauntlet Silver) and really impressed. He is extremely long and active on the defensive end and his jumper shined this weekend. He has the ability to play the 1-3 on both ends of the court and does all the small things a team could ask for.

Rodney Munson (6’1 G, LA Supreme 17u, Bonnabel) – Munson continues to come off the bench for the Supreme and has to be one of the better scorers on the Adidas circuit doing so. He showed this weekend that he is built for the big moments and went on a scoring run against Tyreke Locure (see next prospect) that gave LA Supreme the win in overtime. This weekend, he was the best guard on the court for LA Supreme 17u.

Tyreke Locure (5’11 PG, Beyond Ball, Des Moines North, Iowa) – The #3 ranked prospect in the class of 2019 in Iowa, Locure, is originally from Louisiana and made sure to put on a show in his birth state. He wowed the crowd with his ability to finish in traffic and score from well beyond the three point line. Beyond Ball was entertaining as a team and the battle against LA Supreme was one to see.


Alijah Martin (6’2 SG, LA Supreme 16u Gold, North Pike, MS) – Martin is as special of an athlete as you will find as a four sport star at North Pike. He had dunk after dunk and showcased his ability to shoot the ball while averaging 13 points a game this weekend. The Supreme team has balanced scoring but his dunks were game changing. Martin will have decisions to make about what sport to play at the next level. Check the dunk out below.

Collin Holloway (6’5 Wing, LA Supreme 16u Gold, Catholic HS) – Holloway picked up multiple D1 offers in the two April live periods and more are sure to follow. He’s physically ready for the college level and his game continues to blossom as he transitions to the wing full time. Each game sees his jump shot improve and his ball handling is improving at a drastic rate. He is nearly unstoppable when going left at full speed. In the final game of the weekend, he had back to back monster dunks (see below).

Byron Joshua (5’10 PG, LA Supreme 16u Gold, Crescent City Christian) – After scoring 17 points in game one, Joshua decided it was time to rack up the assists. He averaged double digit assists throughout the weekend while proving he’s added to his game with a consistent floater in the lane. He is a pest as an on ball defender and one of the best true point guards in the class of 2020. His leadership and will to win are never in question

Reggie Gause (6’3 SG, LA Supreme 16u Silver, Covington) and Tai’reon Joseph (6’2 SG, EP Elite 2020, Scotlandville) – These two lefties were two of the better shooters in the gym regardless of class. Gause scored 32 in the head to head match-up with LA Supreme coming away with the victory. Joseph against LA Supreme 16u Gold hit 6 threes and finished with 23 points in a 12 point loss. Both will find a home at the next level.

Dylan Lorio (5’10 PG, River Parish Rockets, Hahnville) – The only sophomore to make All-District in his district showed up and wanted to prove himself this past weekend. He did just that despite his team struggling. Lorio was able to get to the rim when he wanted and showed deep range on his jumper. He will be one to watch in the River Parishes over the next two seasons.


Jamond Vincent (6’3 F, EP Elite 2021, Landry-Walker) – Vincent is well known as an elite athlete who had a big game in the state championship loss to Walker. His jumper has vastly improved and he did not miss often on open looks from the three point line. He was impressive as always in the open court but this evolution is going to be fun to watch.

Will Allen (6’7 F, EP Elite 2021, Bonnabel) – Allen is one of the best bigs in the state for the 2021 class and has a motor that does not stopped. He held his ground against older and more physical players throughout the weekend and showed an impressive game from 15 foot and in. It is rare to see that type of polish on a big man from the post and pinch post areas. As always, he did a great job rebounding the ball as well.