Elite 32 Tournament: 2019 Standouts

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 05/20/18 7:38 PM

TIBF 2019 Guard Aaron Sinclair: We have seen him score the ball at a very high level throughout and with the lack of firepower on this squad, he is called on to do quite a bit. Naturally he is a SG but he’s called on to play the PG spot for this team as well as providing a high amount of the scoring. He started off playing at a high level and kept his team in the game with his scoring, as time went on you could see fatigue set in. Regardless he still fought hard and was the leader for his team, anytime you see a youngster give it 110%, then you have to respect it.

TCA Pistons 2019 Guard Brandon Murray: He was a late addition to the squad but the impact he had on the game was pretty clear. Once he checked in after halftime, the team went on a big time run and would cut the lead down in a major way but they would come up short. He shot the ball well, displayed a nice IQ for the game and had some flashes of how good he can be on the defensive end of the floor when he’s locked in.

Coopshoopz 2019 Wing Chris Shepard: The things that will catch your attention about him is his length and athleticism. He threw down a few dunks as well as blocking shots, transition offense is where he seemed to excel the most.

Team Liberty 2019 Guard Matt Shields: Shot the ball very well from deep and became more efficient as the game went on. He is the type of player that you have to pick up early on defense as he has deep range on his shot, throughout the day he showed the ability to facilitate as well, making good passes and not turning the ball over often.

Elite One Ballers 2019 Keshawn Jarrett: He’s a bully inside the paint, using his body to seal off defenders when he’s posting up offensively but also using the same physical tools when battling for rebounds. He is the type of player that you don’t really have to run plays for, instead he finds ways to get himself going.

Coopshoopz 2019 Guard Marshall Snider: Shot the ball well from deep, he’s the type of player that you have to attempt to defend early on. One thing that we always watch closely when evaluating guards is how well they take care of the ball, he passed this test easily as he got his team into their offense and didn’t turn the ball over.