Elite 32 Tournament 2019 & 2020 Standouts

North Carolina

Posted On: 05/25/18 11:48 AM

Team Premier 2019 F/C Nishan Rombley: Has good size for a big man but is still finding his way on the court, he’s got some of the tools that you like to see from a big. Rebounding, blocking shots, and running the floor are all things that he does well.

Elite One Ballers 2020 Guard Jose Gonzalez III: It’s always interesting to see what you may get from a younger play that is competing with the older guys. Jose showed some flashes of how good he can be and is one that could be very intriguing over the next few years if he continues to progress. He has a smooth game and didn’t seem to get speed up or forced out of his comfort zone on many occasions.

Team Liberty 2019 Guard Omar Aviles: The PG had a solid showing in the games we watched him play, he has good court vision and made difficult passes look easy. The attribute that the fans in attendance liked the most about his game was the flair that he brought to the court, he’s a crafty finishers around the basket but when he was on the perimeter, he put on a show for the fans. Displaying all types of moves and showcasing his ballhandling ability against defender that decided to step up against him.

Team Liberty 2019 Forward Steven Didonato: Raw talent is the best way to describe his game at this point, he plays hard and has a strong desire to win but will need to fix a few things to become more complete. One area of his game that does not need any fixing is his athleticism, during warmups you could already see his athleticism as he threw down some difficult dunks.

Elite One Ballers 2019 Guard Ah’shann Belcher: Was solid paying on and off the ball, he got the squad into their sets offensively and plays the game in an unselfish manner. Where he really impressed was on the defensive side of the ball, he applied constant pressure and even at some points pressed up on his man full court to speed up the pace and force TOs.

Team Liberty 2020 Gard Eric Lunsford: Showed some nice flashes of how good he can be, he can score the ball at a solid rate and didn’t seem to force things. During his high school season this past year he averaged over 17 PPG for First Assembly Christian, expect more bigtime numbers from this young man.

Team Liberty 2020 Forward Blake Hesse: Without a doubt he was the best prospect on this team, he’s 6’5 with the ability to rebound at a high level offensively and defensively. Although he can knock down jumpshots, he had a mismatch inside the paint during the games we watched and took full advantage of that mismatch but going inside and scoring.