Elite 32: Class of 2019 Standouts Pt.2

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 05/21/18 5:03 PM

Team Premier 2019 Guard Darquez Flowers: The first time we got a chance to see him play was last summer at Big Shots Myrtle Beach and we left very impressed. This year is no different as he continues to score the ball at a very high level, he has the size that you like to see from a wing player at about 6’4 and he already has a decent frame. His scoring ability will be what catches the attention of college coaches without a doubt, look for him to have a bigtime season next year.

TCA Pistons 2019 Forward Calvin Washington: The Mount Olive commit played solid throughout the day, he finished above the rim offensively which is something that we are accustomed to seeing from him. Knocking down shots with consistency will be the next step for him but overall there is a lot to like about what he brings to his squad and the possibilities he has of being an impact player at the next level.

Team Liberty 2019 Forward Alex Soler: What he brought to his team was activity and excitement, he didn’t have the ball in his hands for a ton of time but he was constantly on the boards and helping his team with his defense. He wasn’t the tallest player on the floor but he plays bigger than his height by using his athleticism and wingspan to make plays.

Team Premier 2019 Joseph Cherryblue: His length/wingspan is what will get your attention as soon as you see him, but overall he had a solid performance during the times that we got the chance to see him play. Scoring wise he was pretty efficient and didn’t allow himself to get sped up but instead played the game where he felt the most comfortable and productive.

TCA Pistons 2019 Guard Brandon Hayden: Without a doubt he is one of the most unselfish players that we got the chance to see. In fact there were times that we felt he was too unselfish by passing up on some open shots, however we like what we see from him as he is a facilitating guard that loves to get others involved.

Team Premier 2019 Guard Samuel Page: This young man brings alot of the things that you want from a PG on your team. He’s a solid ball handler, gets other players involved well and makes some difficult passes look rather easy. On the defensive side of the ball he’s solid, he doesn’t gamble on plays often and keeps players in front of him.