Posted On: 05/25/18 2:54 PM

The 2020 class was well represented at last weekend’s EBO Big Showdown at every level. From elite 16u talent playing “up” and some younger talent playing with their age group, the 2020 group made an impact. Here are some of the names that caught our attention from the tournament that was.

EBO Big Showdown: 2020 Report

Top prospects

Coleman Hawkins, 6-9 PF, Antelope/ Dream Vision 16u

Very few prospects in the class Hawkins’ combination of size, feel, skill and shooting. He can score it from three levels with ease. More crafty than explosive, he will need to improve his burst in the halfcourt, and play with more purpose on defense (play lower, slide feet more aggressively).

Baboucar Coulibaly, 6-10 PF/C, San Gabriel Academy/ Dream Vision 16u

Coulibaly has spiderlike length and athleticism, which he puts to good use on both ends. He is a solid rim protector, and finishes above the rim in the post. The most intriguing aspect of his game is his touch and feel in the high post, of which he showed flashes throughout the weekend.


Best scorers

Dominick Harris, 6-3 G, Rancho Christian/ Dream Vision 16u

Harris, a Gonzaga commit, is as potent a three-level scorer that you’ll see. He can knock down threes off the catch and off the bounce, and can hit mid-range pull-ups operating out of the high screen and roll. Harris also finished at the rim through contact multiple times this weekend. Improving his court vision and shot selection are the next steps in his maturation.

2020 Powerhouse Hops G Evan Nelson is an explosive scorer

Evan Nelson, 6-2 G, Salpointe Catholic/ Powerhouse 17u Dynasty

Nelson, an Arizona prospect, was up to the challenge against Dream Vision 16s, scoring efficiently from all three levels. An explosive athlete with solid length, Nelson has nice burst in the halfcourt and can finish above the rim in transition. Additionally, Nelson looks to be a very strong on-ball defender during our viewings.





Beast in the paint

Fidelis Okereke, 6-6 PF/C, King Drew/ San Diego Soldiers 15u

Another 2020 prospect playing on a 15u team in the 16u Division, Okereke is a beast. He has broad shoulders, imposing length and explosive two-footed athleticism. One thing that really stood out was that he played to his strengths: Okereke controlled the boards on both ends, finished around the rim with either hand, and protected the rim. He is an intriguing prospect in the class.

Most upside

2020 Dream Vision G Maxwell Lewis has a ton of potential

Maxwell Lewis, 6-5 WF, Dream Vision 15u

A young 2020 prospect, Lewis spearheaded his team’s way to a finals appearance. A long and fluid athlete, Lewis has nice feel off the dribble and can score it off the catch from deep, although he’s a streaky shooter. Lewis also does an excellent job attacking the glass on both ends. Getting stronger and playing with a lower center of gravity on both ends will only bolster his productivity.


Best playmakers

Savaughn Davis, 6-2 G, Mission Bay/ West Coast Elite-SD 16u

Davis did his best to propel his team to victory on Saturday, showing nice burst off the screen and roll and attacking the basket predominantly with his right hand. Davis drew a lot of fouls with his relentless attacking, and hit clutch free throws throughout. When helpside defense came to cut off his drive, Davis unselfishly located teammates with dump-off passes or kick-outs to the perimeter. He needs to improve his mid-range shooting.

Miles Williams, 5-8 PG, Francis Parker/ San Diego All-Stars 16u

Williams might be the smallest player on the floor, but he makes a big impact creating for teammates (excellent drive and kick), and for himself (solid spot-up shooting). But the area where Williams shines the most is on defense. He plays low and hounds defenders with his active hands and lateral quickness.

Best shooter

Brandon Angel, 6-6 WF, Torrey Pines/ San Diego All-Stars 17u

Despite having an off first half against West Coast Elite, it’s clear that teams are aware of his shooting prowess. Angel has the size, length and quick release to get his shot off against defenders closing out. He is also showing growth using ball fakes to set up mid-range pull ups, though consistency in this area is the next step in his development.

Most improved

Robert Ligayon, 6-0 G, Mission Hills/ And1 Academy

Ligayon has turned one of his weaknesses – perimeter shooting – into a strength. He hit 9 threes against Gamepoint Select en route to 35 points in a tight loss. Ligayon can shoot in rhythm off the catch as well as out of the triple threat. He’s also crafty off the bounce and can finish off the dribble, though improving his handle and finishing with his off hand is next on the checklist.

Jalen Wilson, 5-9 G, Victory Christian/ Gamepoint 16u Select

Wilson, too, has become a very potent three point shooter. Despite being frail in build, Wilson shoots the ball with confidence and doesn’t need a lot of space to get his shot off. He sometimes becomes too dependent on his three-point shooting. Consistently attacking the basket off the head fake is the next step in his growth.

Sam Stewart IV, 6-2 G, Helix/ NP4 Elite 16u

A very young 2020 prospect, Stewart has some impressive physical attributes. At 6-2, he has a 6-7 wingspan and is getting more athletic with each viewing. He is also showing improvement scoring it from the mid-range off the bounce. Next on Stewart’s checklist should be honing in his shooting from three, and playing more in triple threat in the halfcourt.