Posted On: 05/30/18 11:43 PM

Two weeks separate the last 15u rankings and this update.  Though many teams competed in the last two weeks the order still holds pretty true.

W.A.C.G. holds on to that top spot despite potentially losing the top 5 Class of 2021 star Randy Brady to another AAU team.  W.A.C.G. is obnoxiously tough to defeat with their extremely athletic roster.

Team Thad 16u captured a title this weekend in New Orleans.  It was that rare weekend when just one Team Thad outfit won.  The 16u squad fell in the final at adidas Atlanta MDC and the 17u dropped to eventual champion Atl Xpress in the quarterfinals.  Team Thad 15u holds on to the #2 spot.

Bluff City Legends (#3) are essentially tied with the two teams above.  It would be a coin flip should they face either.  The only concerning loss of the Bluff City weekend was a double-digit falter to the Dayton Wolves.  The PSA Cardinals only managed a one point win over Memphis’ Bluff City squad.

EAB held on to the #4 spot despite two losses in Atlanta’s northwest suburb.  They lacked the rebounding of Riggs Abner (injury) and could not conquer a strong Atlanta Celtics team. Nobody behind EAB delivered a dominating weekend, so they kept the lofty #4.

The second tier includes: EAB, RSD, Upward Stars-TN, BMaze.

RSD made a slick pass of Upward Stars-TN, but both are capable of competing for that fourth ranking soon.  BMaze (#7) is a team that I haven’t seen all spring.

New Blood

Three previously unranked teams hopped in to the top 15.  A top 15 without the Memphis Bulls (#8) the last two weeks needed fixing.  Because the Bulls played in the 16u division of an event I followed they escaped my admiration.  Upon realizing the Bama Jam competitors were in fact the 15u team this inclusion became a necessity.

Number 13 Team West and CBG (#15) crept in to the rankings.  Team West, also known as Team West Tenn, picked off Chattanooga Elite Navy in Gatorade’s event.  CBG is formed around players from Nashville, Antioch, Bolivar, and Murfreesboro.  They won their fifth event of the spring over the weekend.


Hoop City Elite (#9) picked up a nice weekend tournament win.  They have some nice players, but do not get the best 2021’s in the program.  A few 2021’s play up with the Hoop City Elite 16u unit.  They are holding strong.  It will take wins over really strong teams to help them climb higher.

Four other teams hardly moved.  Knoxville Free Agents, Club 51, Tennessee Edge, and Chattanooga Elite Navy all generally remained in the bottom third of the 15 spots.

Just missing the cut were Chattanooga Elite Grey.  They added a couple nice new players and performed ok at adidas Atlanta MDC.  Also, the Tennessee Court Kings are a team I am keeping an eye on.


Memphis Magic Elite and Team Tae Flightboyz both deserved to plummet after poor showing outside Atlanta.  Hopefully the displays from each represent an anomaly that can be rectified quickly.

Because AAU teams give June to high school programs these rankings might just hold for the next month.

Improve individually and come back better for your teammates in July!



1WACGEYBLW.A.C.G. picked up 5 impressive wins at Nike E15.1
2Team ThadUASuper 60 Champions.2
3Bluff City LegendsEYBLLegends finished 2-2 at Nike EYBL Boo Williams event.3
4EAB-The 15u team managed three wins outside Atlanta, but narrowly fell to Atlanta Celtics.4
5RSD-A star 2022 joins three rankable 2021's.6
6Upward Stars-TNadidas Silver15u finished 3-2 last weekend. They fought Team Thad until the final 5 minutes in Brentwood last month.5
7BMazeUABMaze 15u have been invited to UA Challenge in July.8
8Memphis BullsPlayed 16u at Bama Jam.--
9Hoop City Eliteadidas GoldMemorial Day Showcase Champions.9
10Knoxville Free Agents-Fundamental unit.11
11Club 51GatoradeFour wins in Terre Haute.10
12TN Edge-Coach Tony assembled some unheralded talents.12
13Team WestGatoradeDefeated Chattanooga Elite Navy head-to-head.--
14Chattanooga Elite NavyGatoradeLost once in Gatorade Association over Memorial Day weekend.13
15CBGWon five minor tournaments already.--