Debutants of Class of 2019 (Top Tier)


Posted On: 05/14/18 8:36 PM

Three Class of 2018 players now reside in the 2019 player rankings, after individually choosing to reclass.  The loftiest new neighbor, Damion Baugh brought several new offers to his adjusted recruiting profile.  Team Thad 17u and Baugh performed spectacularly in April.

With strong winters the following members of the Class of 2019 landed top 100 in Tennessee.

Junior stars have this final AAU season to justify college scholarships.  The lower-numbered rankings suggest highest college success.

#10 Damion Baugh (Team Thad)

Late summer 2017, Damion and his family decided to try out Lincoln Prep Academy (GA).  While Baugh certainly improved physically the recruiting options did not materialize as he hoped.  This spring Baugh elected to reclass to 2019 from 2018.  He was a top 10 player in 2018 until he moved out of the state.  Back with Team Thad 17u Baugh earned DI offers in April.

#17 Drew Pember (BMaze Elite)

Boiling hot months (March-April) lifted Drew Pember from locally respected to regionally revered.  In particular, Pember’s face-up game against Memphis East impressed anyone within earshot.  In April, the college coaches who heard his name evaluated firsthand his game.  Davidson, Austin Peay, Samford, and Tennessee each offered a scholarship.

#24 Julius Dixon (EAB)

EAB coaches used expert analysis to bring in Julius Dixon.  The 6-foot-7 wing will qualify easily as he already recorded a 24 ACT.  UT Martin became his first offer though packs of coaches will follow.

#26 Devin Evans (Hawks Elite)

Height is difficult to find.  Quality, skilled height is almost impossible to scrounge up.  Devin Evans brings skills and ferocity to a tough position to fill.  Evans runs with Hawks Elite AAU.

#29 Jordan Johnson (Bluff City Legends)

Starting guard for Class AA Champion Hamilton High, Jordan Johnson looked ready to advance to college basketball.  The sharpshooter didn’t like his looks though and chose to take a prep year.  Jordan will play with Tennessee Prep with ambitions for a perfect DI landing spot in 2018-2019.

#33 Arecko Gipson Jr. (Bluff City Legends)

Arecko is another player discontented with his college choices.  Georgetown was sniffing around all winter, but they never offered.  Gipson Jr. pushed his senior-laden M.A.S.E. team to the Class A State Tournament.  They lost before reaching Douglas for a rematch.

#38 CJ Gettelfinger (Atl XPress)

State Champion CJ Gettelfinger (Grace Christian) is so quick with the basketball.  DII-A Tournament MVP Grant Ledford couldn’t have dominated as he did without CJ.  Gettelfinger rightfully landed on the All-Tournament Team.  Known by foes as a smart basketball player, Gettelfinger fears no man on the hardwood.

#40 Tyrus Baynham Jr. (Bluff City Legends)

Baynham Jr. hints at DI success, but his high school team consistently plays slow-paced opponents.  Hopefully Baynham Jr. will destroy faster defenders and properly showcase his speed this AAU season.  Bluff City is a very deep team and playing time is tough to find.