Posted On: 05/16/18 6:13 PM

With strong winters the following members of the Class of 2019 landed top 75 in Tennessee.

Junior stars have this final AAU season to justify college scholarships.  The lower-numbered rankings suggest highest college success.  All eight of squadron hover in the 60-75 range statewide.  Frankly, the 60+ range in Tennessee represents the DI/DII fringe.  A handful of these guys justifiably aspire to pull in DI offers.  Several of the following players possess the physical tools to thrive in college, but they are a few inches undersized for the positions those skills fit best.  This third tier starts with McCallie’s wing Tanner Shulman.

#60 Tanner Shulman (PSB Chattanooga)

The younger brother of Max Shulman (Alabama-Huntsville), Tanner provided bench scoring for McCallie’s 24-8 team.  At 6-foot-4, Shulman routinely hits half of his three-point attempts.

#62 Darius Rozier (Tennessee Tigers)

Columbia Central junior swingman Darius Rozier loves to hop in to his quick-trigger triple.  Many of Rozier’s bull’s-eyes smashed the target in transition.  Rozier keeps his eyes on the rim from 20 feet and in.  With his hulking body, Rozier just might be able to play both wing positions.

#63 Jamari Bostic (Mid South Kings)

Ferocious offensive rebounding remains Jamari’s fantastic marketable attribute.  He stands one or two inches shorter than the prototypical power forward.  He doesn’t possess the traditional wing scoring skills and yet he has the quick feet to defend away from the tin.

#67 Michael McClary (Team Arete)

MLK starting point guard Michael McClary belongs on a 2019-2020 low major basketball roster.  Will the right college scouts see him play though?  Playing in the right AAU events matters and McClary might not get time on the appropriate stage to showcase his elite first-step quickness.

#68 Nate Bloedorn (EAB)

Nolensville High forward Nate Bloedorn helped his Knights to two wins over K.J. Johnson and Marshall County in three tries.  They compete together with EAB 17u.  Bloedorn stands 6-foot-7.  You can’t teach size.  It either exists or it doesn’t.  With Nate the team gets steady rebounding, an unselfish mindset and confident touches.

#70 Solomon Bridgeman (Chattanooga Elite Navy)

Like Jamari Bostic, Solomon Bridgeman flourishes in traffic.  A 6-foot-4 wing forward.  Tyner Academy senior-to-be Bridgeman will attract both basketball and football recruiting attention.

#71 Derrein Merriweather (–)

Memphis East brought countless dominating individual performers to the Class AAA Tournament.  Six Mustangs are destined for NCAA Division I, possibly a couple will don NBA jerseys in a few years and yet Class of 2019 guard Dee Merriweather scored the most second quarter points.  Merriweather buried three three-pointers in the Class AAA final.

#73 Kohen Thompson (Memphis Bulls)

The 6-foot-6 wing forward Kohen Thompson is a high-academic target.  Respected academic institutions Colgate, Penn, and Cornell are intrigued at the reclassed Lausanne Collegiate forward.


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