Posted On: 05/17/18 6:26 PM

High school basketball players are a volatile, mercurial bunch.  Every month dozens of players improve dramatically, while some unfortunately stagnate or even plateau.  Much goes in to the development of basketball players.

With strong high school seasons the following members of the Class of 2019 landed top 100 in Tennessee.

Junior stars have this final AAU season to justify college scholarships.  The lower-numbered rankings suggest highest college success.  See the overall state ranking to the left of each player’s name.  These eight players belong in the 70-100 range statewide.   This third tier starts with Douglass High School guard Antavious Buford.


#74 Antavious Buford (–)

At 5-foot-9 Antavious Buford will fight heightism throughout his career.  To conquer that challenge Buford sticks the pull-up jumper as well as anybody in the 2019 class. Buford’s ability to change directions makes him a bothersome mark.  His creativity with the basketball and lightning speed create needed separation.

#84 Jordan Burchfield (–)

Bouncy and dynamic with the basketball.  Jordan Burchfield earned his way into the Blackman Blaze starting lineup with outside shooting touch, but kept his spot with frequent movement off the basketball and steady handles.  Burchfield primarily played off the ball this winter as Trenton Gibson handled point.  Can Burchfield play point guard?  The answer to this question will dictate his basketball future.

#85 Charlie Wyrick (–)

Knoxville Webb off-guard Charlie Wyrick is a ruffian in the paint.  Webb’s scoring leaders in the runner-up push were Myles Rasnick and Chase Ridenour.  Wyrick fought through screens to defend and infused the Spartans with his infectious passion.  Wyrick wrangled eight rebounds against a foreboding Lausanne team in the state semifinals.

#88 Keyshawn Collier (Pro One Select Navy)

Ensworth guard Keyshawn Collier projects as a 6-foot-2 point guard with long arms.  This season Collier started to show a little more hunger, a little more basketball bravery.  Collier’s game has elements worth tracking.  The lanky guard dribbles well, keeps his balance well defensively, knocks down open shots, and shows off impressive foot speed.

#89 Sylvester Thompson (Memphis Prep)

Bartlett’s basketball players generally possess a wide range of skills.  Sylvester Thompson fits that mold.  He runs as quickly as a point guard, but will knock down shots off the pass too.  Thompson probably needs to play point guard at the next level as he stands 5-foot-10.

#91 Howard Gray (Team Thad Elite)

Quick slasher.  Howard Gray can get to the dangerous gaps and finish.

#94 Landen Woodcock (Tennessee Bobcats)

Day One in Murfreesboro, Clay County’s Landen Woodcock comfortably buried six of seven three-point attempts against the Class A favorite, Douglass High.  Woodcock’s 85.7% shooting marks the best percentage (5+ made 3pt FG) in state tournament history.

#98 Lewis McDaniel (–)

As a physical guard, Lewis McDaniel presents problems on the glass.  It would be unsurprising if Lewis McDaniel assumes the defensive stopper role with Ensworth next season.  An injury is keeping Lewis away from the court this spring.