Debutants of Class of 2019 (2nd Tier)


Posted On: 05/14/18 8:50 PM

With strong winters the following members of the Class of 2019 landed top 60 in Tennessee.

Junior stars have this final AAU season to justify college scholarships.  The lower-numbered rankings suggest highest college success.  All eight of squadron hover in the #40-#60 range statewide.  Frankly, the 40+ range in Tennessee represents the DI/DII fringe.  A handful of these guys justifiably aspire to pull in DI offers.  This second tier starts with Franklin High School guard Reese Glover.


#41 Reese Glover  (EAB)

Franklin High advanced to within a game of the Class AAA State Tournament thanks to the scoring wizardry of Reese Glover.  Shooting and creating shooting windows provide the foundation for Glover’s glorious game.  With EAB his touches are down, but he gets more open shooting opportunities.

#44 Brayden Siren (-)

A true center, Brayden Siren skipped spring AAU to play high school baseball.  The 6-foot-9 Riverdale starter is very thin in stature.  His post influence depends upon the steadily improving interior moves.

#50 Jadarius Harris (Mid South Kings)

This past winter Peabody High benefitted from Jadarius Harris’ 19.4 ppg and 4.1 apg.  Though Harris can hit from the outside he leans on a fantastic first step.

#52 Dominique Oggs (Tennessee Bobcats)

What a dual-athlete Dominique Oggs continues to be.  For Sweetwater High Oggs virtually scored at will.  He projects as a wing guard with exceptional change of direction.  Older brother Meechie Oggs signed to Tennessee Wesleyan basketball last month.

#54 Andrew Anderson (Team Thad Elite)

Sure the senior-to-be Andrew Anderson can score in traffic.  His intangibles are likely his most marketable skills though.  Anderson leads well and embraces challenges.  The lefty is slightly shorter than the ideal DI guard.  He may be able to compensate for his size with the wonderful free throw shooting and poise.

#55 Tarreq Williams (–)

Tarreq is one of the top players in Jackson, Tennessee.  A lithe wing forward, Williams rebounds better than average and just might evolve from post defender to wing defender.

#56 Desmond Billingsley (–)

Powell did not make a positive splash at the Class AAA State Tournament.  A 6-foot-0 scoring guard, Desmond Billingsley lead Powell with 11 points against the state’s best defense.  Billingsley is stout and quick.

#58 Dustin Bunton (Tennessee Tigers)

The versatile wing from the Cleveland area, Dustin Bunton gets off the floor well.  No matter how many touches he gets, Bunton will rebound with a purpose.