Blog: Why So Few Offers Right Now For 2019s


Posted On: 05/31/18 7:48 PM

The last few days, we have been asked numerous times about the overall lack of offers in the 2019 class to this point. It’s something that was easy to explain to one person but after the fourth or fifth person, a blog might be the best way to take a look and explain things a bit.

Now, as it stands right now, the class of 2019 has 33 players holding an offer at any level. Of these, 22 have DI offers leaving just 11 players with only non-DI offers. To be honest, this is pretty standard. Across the board, DI schools are put under more pressure to recruit and in turn that requires them to worry about classes just beyond the incoming senior class.  Schools at what we call the non-DI level, DII, DIII, NAIA, and JUCO programs, just don’t really have that issue.

The best way to describe it is that they have different timelines. DI programs are obviously the most noticeable because everyone sees the on TV and knows when those players get offers because of social media and the age we live in. Non-DI programs just don’t get that kind of recognition from the vast majority of people.

For programs like University of Indianapolis, Bethel College, Indiana Wesleyan, and Wabash College, to name just a few, they operate much later in the cycle than their DI counterparts. July is the first month when those particular schools really start to ramp things up on the 2019 class. They are still trying to finish up the 2018 class and like we talked about yesterday with our recaps of the 2018 commitments, we still expect a handful or more commitments to happen between now and the beginning of July.

Another reason for all of this is they operate on budgets that just don’t allow them to have their entire coaching staffs out all of the time, they usually have to pick and choose their battles with going to events, showcases, tournaments, or whatever.  So, multitasking just isn’t as big of a luxury or skill needed like it would be for a Low-Major program.

So, with past experience, the majority of offers come from the month of July through the Fall. Visits are big for that as well. Some schools, usually DIII programs, might look to only offer during visits on their campus.  They do this because they want to know you have interest in their program. Offers are seen as very valuable as is their time and money so they tend to like to see reciprocation of that value on the prospects end. So, that usually takes place in the Fall months when students are back on campus and their isn’t much going on with basketball at that time.

With all of that being said, don’t expect the number 33 to stand for too much longer. With our event on July 7th, the Prep Hoops Senior Showcase Series, along with the start of the July Live Periods, things will really start to pick up. Coaches want to feel confident in what they see and usually that takes a few viewings to get to that point. Because at least the non-DI schools have yet to really get going, they are just taking a little more time to get to that point. It’s coming though.