Posted On: 05/22/18 12:32 PM

Landry Harris 2021 Oklahoma Power Point Guard

Harris took defenses apart this weekend from the Point Guard spot. If Harris walked into a random gym to play 5 on 5 he would be likely picked towards the end based on stature. However, as soon as the game got going everyone would realize Harris was one of the best players on the floor. At the Prep Hoops Oklahoma State Tournament Harris made a huge statement to me with how well he ran his team at the Point. Simply put, Harris makes the right plays. The fire Harris plays with is so much fun to observe. The level of Landry at the next level is still up for debate, but one thing is for sure he can flat out play.

Reid Lovelace 2022 Ferguson Elite Point Guard

Playing up an age did not phase Lovelace one bit. Over this Spring Lovelace has impressed me the most out of any player in the 2022 Oklahoma Class. The determination of Lovelace at the Point to make others around him the best they can possibly be is fantastic. On the court, Lovelace plays with so much swagger. The confidence of knowing he can score on anyone adds to his game. Lovelace will be a prospect to watch over the next four years to see how his skills and physical stature mature.

Jaden Bray 2021 Nike Pro Skills Oklahoma Point Guard

The talent of Bray is off the charts for Nike Pro Skills Oklahoma. Creating off the dribble Bray was unreal getting to the rim or finding an open teammate. The raw talent of Bray is clearly present. He has some fine tuning to do over the next three years, but with work could become a top five 2021 prospect in the state of Oklahoma. Bray is a true two-way player using his athleticism and quickness not just on offense, but on defense as well. The fight in Bray to do anything he can to help his team win adds to his value. Bray is breaking out this summer with a big opportunity to shine this winter with Edmond North.

Nate Goodlow 2020 Team Griffin Point Guard

There is not another player in Oklahoma who has improved as much as Goodlow from the high school season to now. He is running the show for Team Griffin doing everything for them including scoring, assisting, playing tough defense, making the hustle plays and many more. He is a winner. Goodlow is a player Low to Mid Major NCAA Division I programs want to start targeting to watch in July.

Kendural Jolly 2020 Team Buddy Buckets Point Guard

Since having scouted Jolly at 14 he was always a good undersized scorer. What blew me away at the Prep Hoops Oklahoma State Tournament was how much he has progressed as a Point Guard. Jolly is starting to figure things out of when to hit an open teammate versus take a shot. In years past Jolly did not always have the best shot selection. At Team Buddy Buckets this version of Jolly is completely different. He is playing both ends of the floor and providing his team with good impact plays even when his shot isn’t red hot. Jolly will always be a scorer that is what makes him who he is on the court. The newfound overall play of Jolly has taken his game to a new level. Defenses will have to account for his scoring and distributing skills. Last but not least Jolly was a pest on the defensive end showing great effort. Team Buddy Buckets has turned into a great fit for him.

MJ Warrior 2020 BTR Point Guard

Warrior showed a lot of positive things this weekend at the Point Guard spot. He is starting to hit his stride becoming one of the top overall Point Guards in the 2020 Oklahoma Class. The quickness of Warrior left defenders in the dust. He is also stronger than most think, which adds to his drive to the hoop. Warrior is a guy that can distribute the ball at a high level and score it. At State Warrior also showed improvements in his defensive game at times.


Hunter Staton 2019 Nike Pro Skills Oklahoma Post

Staton is having a great Spring showing off the improvements he has made in his game. He has clearly slimmed down and become quicker. The drive of Staton wanting the ball, wanting to make the tough plays on defense and so on have his stock rising. At a legit 6’9 with a strong build, Staton has always had the mold of a NCAA Division I player and now his skills are starting to catch up. He will have the chance to have a monster July with Nike Pro Skills Oklahoma.

Davyjon Ford 2020 Oklahoma Impact Wing

This Spring the biggest breakout prospect in Oklahoma going from nobody knowing him to everyone should know him is Ford. Oklahoma Impact has done a great job putting him in spots for success. Ford is super athletic, explosive, and has great height on the Wing around 6’6. He is raw in many areas but makes up for it with how hard he plays at all times. He has the ability to post up down low and be a mismatch problem. Ford can also find openings slashing to the basket or driving in strong. Although the jump shot of Ford is not elite he makes it a respectable amount making the defense be aware of his shooting skills. The fact that Ford is still so raw makes him a prospect to keep a very close eye on with the damage he is doing on the court.

Jarrett Grisham 2022 Synergy Wing

Grisham caught my eye immediately when I sat down to watch him play with an explosive drive to the rim dunking the basketball in a game at 14. The 6’2 Wing has a toughness about him with a knack for the basketball. He is not afraid to get on the floor and fights for the ball. When he attacked the basket he went up strong. The high energy Grisham plays with led to steals and offensive boards.

JD Ray 2019 Team Griffin Point Guard

Ray is undersized at the Point Guard spot, yes. But get past his size and you see one of the best Point Guards in Oklahoma. The work he has put in this Spring with Team Griffin has been phenomenal. Ray was dynamic giving opposing teams headaches by dropping dimes to open teammates, scoring when opportunities presented themselves and being a pest on defense. He has the dawg you want in a player. The smoothness and precision Ray plays with is fun to watch. Ray is projected to be one of the top NCAA Division II prospects in this Oklahoma 2019 Class.