Big Shots Wilmington Preview 17U

North Carolina

Posted On: 05/4/18 8:15 PM

In Wilmington this weekend Big Shots will be hosting a smaller tournament with a smaller amount of teams but a nice amount of talent regardless. Let’s take a quick glance at some of the teams and players that will be in the building on Saturday and Sunday.

17U Teams:

Big Shots Elite Wallace, Columbus County Ballers, Flight 22 Elite 17U, Flight 22 Select 17U, Flight 22 Unsigned 2018, Franklin County Bulls Elite, Team Felton 2020 Fleming

Flight 22 Unsigned Senior Forward Jason Mixon: Every team needs a player that doesn’t mind doing the dirty work and Jason is that guy for pretty much any team he plays on.  He rebounds the ball, blocks shots, finishes above the rim, and plays the game with a very high motor.

Franklin County Bulls Elite Unsigned Senior Guard Mike Bowers: Mike has the ability to score the ball at a pretty high level but also has shown the ability to run a team. JUCO programs have shown interest as well as a few D2 programs, look for Bowers to make a college choice pretty soon.

Flight 22 Unsigned Senior Wing Andrew Miller: The wing from Trinity Christian has shown the ability to knock down shots from midrange and deep. Although you won’t see a break down a defense on his own, he does fit into a lot of systems due to the fact that he has some height and the ability to shoot the ball.

Team Felton Fleming 2020 Guard DaQunye Parrish: The silky smooth guard from Southern Durham is one to keep an eye on, he can score the ball at a very high level and keeps defenders guessing with a nice amount of moves. He’s not the tallest guard by any stretch of imagination but you have to like what he brings to the table.

Flight 22 Unsigned Senior Guard Ramello Williams: A highly talented player that has performed very well in the classroom, he would be a very nice pickup for a program this late in the game. He can score the ball, defend at a solid rate and does a good job of getting others involved.