Posted On: 05/25/18 10:54 AM

Team Felton 2019 KJ Marshall: Playing for Trinity his entire high school career, he is no stranger to good competition. What makes him good is the speed that he plays with as well as his ability to knocking down the outside deep ball. The next step for him is being more comfortable with playing the game at a slower pace when the situation calls for it.

Team Felton 2019 Forward William Onyeodi: The midrange game for him was pretty much automatic, he doesn’t try to over dribble or make unnecessary movements but instead sticks to what he’s good at. Athleticism and upper body strength are two areas that you have to like what he brings to the table, he can make plays above the rim and inside the paint.

MOV Elite 2019 Guard Cooper Donaldson: At 6’3 with good shooting ability, he is a player that should be able to transition over to the next level well. He doesn’t need much space to get his shot off and does a solid job of moving without the ball.

MOV Elite 2019 Forward Shiloah Blevins: D2 programs should be tracking him now, he’s a freakish athlete, can score inside the paint using his strength and blocks shots at a nice rate. At 6’5 playing the Forward he is not your biggest forward but he is more than capable of being productive just off of his natural physical and athletic gifts.

MOV Elite 2019 Forward/Center Gabe Zummo: An undersized player at the 4/5 spot but he understands how to use positioning to make things happen. One example of this is how well he can rebound the ball, instead of trying to outjump opponents he boxes out and reads where the ball is going to come off the rim. Another attribute that we liked about him was his ability to stretch the defense with his shooting, he knocked down some jumpers from mid and three point land when we got the chance to watch them.

Team Disciples 2019 Jacob Graham: Plays the game with confidence and toughness which you always have to like. He was one of the team’s leading scorers when we got the chance to watch them, his recognition of mismatches for his squad is one the things that makes him a valuable player.