Big Shots Greensboro Senior & Rising Senior Standouts

North Carolina

Posted On: 05/25/18 12:00 PM

Flight 22 Select Senior Forward Jareem Lovette: He is a player that can get a double/double, just about any time he steps on the floor. His athletic ability, height and length are all things that truly help him to be successful, Howard Community College will be where he plays for the next two years.

Flight 22 Select Junior Guard Darryl McCaster: He can score the ball at a nice level and has a good physique for a player that is going into his senior season. On a team that has a deep amount of talent, he is one of the more efficient scorers and we should expect this to carry on over to his senior year.

Big Shots Elite SC 2019 Guard Deshawn Brackett: He’s not the tallest player but his game makes up for any height that he may lack, he can score at a very high level which was on full display in their matchup MOV Elite when he dropped 21 points. Stamina was probably the most impressive thing about him, he played on a team that only had one or two players on the bench so calling for a sub was not an option.

Big Shots Elite 2019 Forward/Center Justin Green: Height and length are some of the things that you notice about him almost instantly. He runs the floor well, blocks shots, finishes inside the paint and has a lot of the fundamental tools that you like to see from a taller player. His body is lean right now but that’s something that is not a huge concern, he will be one to keep an eye on to see how he progresses over the next year.

Big Shots Elite SC 2019 Guard Jonquell Lampley: His play provided a spark for his squad as they competed in some close matchups. He defends at a high level, constantly applying pressure and does a nice job of communicating with teammates.

Team Cobras 2019 Mac Hughes:  What is there not to like about his game? At 6’4 with an ability to score the ball at a very high level, he turned heads. In one game during the day he went for 30 points while also going for 16 points in a 2 point loss to Flight 22, seems to be a natural scorer as nothing seems to be forced.

Flight 22 Select 2019 Brian Boi: Another player that earn his minuets with his play inside the paint, he finished well and was active on the boards. All the small things that you would want from a player on your squad, playing within the flow of the offensive and only being concerned with helping the team get a W.