Big Shots Greensboro: 2018 & 2019 Standouts

North Carolina

Posted On: 05/26/18 6:50 PM

Flight 22 Forward Miles Ray: One of the better athletes that you will see in the state , he plays above the rim using his bounce to block shots as well as finishing dunks . The next step in his development will be knocking down the outside shot as well as improving his ball handling skills so that he can play the wing in college or even the guard spot.

Flight 22 Guard Talton Jones: One of the best passers in the state, he has a gift for making difficult plays look easy, he has good height and wingspan for a Guard as well as athletic ability. His shooting form is unorthodox but the floater he uses to score when he is in the paint is efficient. Last but not least is his defense,he makes things difficult for his opponent and causes turnovers.

Flight 22 2019 Forward Deumbre Ginyard: Hustle and hard work is what you will get from him, recently he decided to commit fully to football but on the court he was a very good role player . Where he really made his mark was on the defensive end ,rebounding and battling in the paint with taller players.

WBCA 2018 Guard  Jaren Ellerbye: he’s picked up interest and offers from junior college programs, The reason why? He can score the ball had a very nice rate, as well as being very athletic and a solid defender. He has yet to reach his full potential but there’s a lot to like about this young man.

WBCA 2019 Guard Donovan Evans : Has a natural scores mentality and doesn’t think about the missed shots, but always knows the next shot is going in. Throughout the times that we got to see him play he got into the gap’s of the defense well and also defended at a nice rate. At any given moment he can go for a bunch of points in a short span of time so he is one to keep an eye on .

CSB Select 2019 Essih Ard: His team struggled to get wings but overall he was a bright spot for them. He doesn’t give up on place or his teammates, he’s always looking to find a positive regardless of the situation. He is the type of player that you want on your team because he won’t quit and we will continue to play hard and at the highest level possible.

Charlotte Clippers 2019 Guard Josh Rankin: His team struggled throughout the tournament but he was one of the bright spots. He handled the ball for high amount of time and found ways to score even though the defenses they faced were intense. Many times we see young players get frustrated if their team loses a high amount of games but he stayed positive and just kept on working hard to help his team