The Basketball Interview: Gibson Jimerson


Posted On: 05/25/18 1:58 PM

Gibson Jimerson, a class of 2019 shooting guard from St. Christopher’s, is having an excellent spring with Boo Williams. The 6-foot-5 guard, who is shooting 44% from three on the EYBL, is making a strong case for consideration as one of the top shooters in the country. Jimerson recently spoke to Prep Hoops about his recruitment, overall game, and more for the basketball interview.

Best coaching advice you’ve received is what and who was it from?

GJ: “The best coaching advice I’ve received is to just stick to what I am best at, do it to the best of my ability, and become elite at it. That was was from Boo Williams.”

PH: You’re developing a reputation as one of the best shooters in the country. You’ve shot high percentages both on the UAA and the EYBL. How would you compare the two circuits in terms of difficulty?

GJ: “The EYBL is definitely something different in my experience. Every game your going against top level players. The coaches scout and know what each person can and can’t do. Every game is extremely important, and everyones goal is to make Peach Jam to compete in front of coaches, and win it all.”

PH: It’s become clear that you’ve focused on improving your fitness. How were you able to transform your body?

GJ: “I’ve always been known as a high skill guy and a shooter but there were always question marks about my athleticism, body, and if I pass the eye test or not. I wanted to eliminate that doubt, and that drove me to work until I achieved that. I completely turned my diet around, and workout routines to maximize what I have and become the best that I can be.”

PH: How are your grades?

GJ: “My grades are great. I currently have around a 4.1 cumulative gpa and consistently take ap and honors classes each year.”

PH: What do schools tell you they like about your game?

GJ: “Most schools say they love my unique ability to shoot the ball, my size to play a variety of positions, and the potential matchup issues I can create. Also my versatility on defense with my size and length.”

PH: Which schools are recruiting you the hardest right now? Are you planning any visits?

GJ: “Right now UNC-Greensboro, Lehigh, La Salle, St. Louis, Charlotte and Yale are recruiting me the hardest. I have visits set up with UNC-Greensboro, Lehigh, and ECU so far in June.”

PH: Could you just talk a little about the schools that you mentioned? What type of relation ship do you have with the program/staff?

GJ: “I talk to UNC-Greensboro at least one or twice a week. They’ve told me they want me to come in and play right away and have a big impact on their program from the jump.”

“I talk with Lehigh almost everyday, and they love the versatility that I bring. They play basically positionless basketball with the 1-4 so they want me to come in and use my size and skill level to create mismatches.”

St Louis checks in frequently. They love my ability to shoot the ball as well as my size and IQ.”

La Salle also checks in frequently and they’re looking for someone that can flat out shoot it, and they’ve expressed to me that they know I can do that and also that I’m a hard worker that could come in and have an impact.”

Charlotte checks in at least once a week and they love my ability to shoot as well as my competitiveness and work ethic.”

Yale talks to me almost everyday and they love my basketball IQ, shooting ability and overall skill level.”

PH: What do you think you can bring to a college program?

GJ: “I think I can bring experience, shooting ability and versatility to a team. Also confidence in my ability and being a good teammate that’s coachable.”

Gibson Jimerson is ranked by Prep Hoops as a top-20 prospect in his class. To view the full ranking of Virginia’s 2019 class, click here.