Battle at the Lakes Day 3: Championship Sunday Standouts


Posted On: 05/15/18 11:46 AM

WAYZATA, Minn. — Championship Sunday at the 2018 Battle at the Lakes featured a number of high level matchups in the 16 and 17U divisions. Protecting their turf, D1 Minnesota won both the 16 and 17U titles, including an impressive dismantling of the Wisconsin Playground Warriors in the 16U championship game…


Myles Baker – 2019 – SG – Team Rose

D1 Minnesota has a very talented squad and is perhaps the best 17U team in the country…but they had no answer for Baker in the 17U semifinals. Putting Team Rose on his back, Baker surpassed 30 points in the loss. It didn’t matter who was guarding Baker, the ball was going through the net. Showing the ability to score against size and length, Baker sized his man up and went to work. A knock down shooter with creative scoring ability, Baker has a lot of tools. He’s able to free himself with a quick first step or a multitude of head fakes that keeps defenders on their toes. Baker (6-2) is a little undersized as a two-guard at the Division 1 level, but it was extremely impressive how he handled his business in this high level matchup.

Drake Dobbs – 2020 – PG – D1 Minnesota

Dobbs looks like a strong mid-major prospect and a guy who could wreck all our brackets in a few years if he ends up in the right system. A scoring point guard, who’s a deadly 3-point shooter, Dobbs put the 16U championship game away with a flurry of triples. Dobbs was terrific off ball screens, recognizing sagging defenders and pulling up from beyond the arc. A very quick floor general that’s tough to stay in front of, Dobbs has proved all spring that he’ll land at the Division 1 level.

Dawson Garcia – 2020 – F – D1 Minnesota

Like he did in Madison a few weeks ago, Garcia continues to break out. The skilled, 6-foot-10 forward was too much to handle for an undersized Playground Warriors squad in the 16U championship game. Garcia mixed it up with a couple of 3-pointers and drives to the rim, using his supreme length to get shots off against tight defense. Garcia scored 18 points by the 14-minute mark of the second half. By that point, the game was well in hand for D1 Minnesota.

Prince Robinson – 2019 – SG – Team 1848

A name that wasn’t on our radar going into the event, but is now, Robinson had a sensational effort on Sunday. The Green Bay West standout averaged about nine points per game as a junior, but appears to be working his tail off this off-season. In the two games we saw, Robinson caught fire and was putting on a show. Using his electric handles, Robinson was excellent in isolation settings, creating space and knocking down difficult, off-balance looks. A high volume scorer with take over capability, Robinson could be in store for a breakout senior season.

Tyrell Terry – 2019 – PG – D1 Minnesota

Terry might not be the best prospect on his team, but he’s without a doubt the most important. What this kid is capable of when there’s talent around him is astounding. Throughout the weekend, Terry was dishing out seven assists…minimum. One of the top facilitators in the country, Terry has a unique ability to see things before they happen and if there’s nothing available, throw people open like a quarterback. A lightning quick point guard with terrific handles, Terry’s offense is starting to improve as well. He’s a much better jump shooter and finisher at the rim and despite all of the weapons at his disposal, proved he can carry the load in spurts.

Terrance Thompson – 2020 – PF – Playground Warriors

The upside continues to ooze for Thompson. This 6-foot-7 power forward can do things that a lot of post prospects his age just aren’t capable of. In transition, the way Thompson can hunt down and block shots from behind and then turn around, run the floor, and finish while hanging or adjusting in the air is just something you don’t see a lot of. This high motor forward is also starting to shoot the ball really well from 3-point range. Keep in mind, he just started doing this late last season. In a high level matchup against D1 Minnesota in the 16U title game, Thompson held his own against a terrific front line. Thompson should be a very strong mid-major prospect, but high major potential when you consider his seven-foot wingspan and the fact he’s young for his grade.

Tyler Wahl – 2019 – SF – D1 Minnesota

This kid just does everything and could be the ultimate glue guy at the next level. Beginning with his defensive intensity, Wahl caused a ton of havoc en route to the 17U title, hassling ball handlers and creating run outs for himself and his teammates the other way. Offensively, you don’t see many 6-foot-6 forwards that can dish the ball like Wahl, who can even serve as a backup point guard when Terry comes off the floor. Also a bouncy prospect, this is an above the rim in transition and in the half court. The shooting ability is a question mark, but Wahl did knock down two triples in the championship game. Regardless if that comes along or not, Wahl is the type of player that makes winning plays and elevates those around him.

Trey Zastrow – 2020 – SG – Playground Warriors

Zastrow just continues to shoot the heck out of the ball as he continues to earn more minutes for the Playground Warriors. In the 16U semifinal victory over Team Rose, Zastrow had a big scoring effort off the bench and could not miss from 3-point range. Perhaps the best shooter in the state of Wisconsin, Zastrow is as close to automatic as it gets from 3-point range. At the AAU level, he’s getting more comfortable as a pull-up shooter off the bounce as well. Knowing that defenders are constantly flying out at him, Zastrow has showcased a nice pump fake, one-dribble jumper from the shoulder all spring.