Battle at the Lakes: 2019 Illinois Evals Pt 1


Posted On: 05/15/18 6:00 AM

PrepHoopsIllinois covered the Battle at the Lakes over the weekend in Minnesota.  It featured a great group of Illinois programs.  Check out all our 2019 evaluations in one place!  Here is part one of our look at the 2019 Illinois prospects!


SG Dajuan Gordon (Team Rose)

Gordon pretty much did whatever he wanted for Team Rose throughout the event.  The Curie 2019 shooting guard is a long and rangy wing that has elevated his game to new levels this spring!  Consistent shooter from deep with a free and easy stroke.  His ball handling has gotten a lot crisper which opens up more avenues for him to get buckets.  He scored well in transition.  Made some nice passes in the drive and kick game.  One thing that continues to be noticeable is how well he rebounds flying in from the perimeter.  Mid-major plus prospect.


SG Myles Baker (Team Rose)

Baker shot lights out in Minnesota.  The Whitney Young 2019 two guard had his feathery jumper working from both three and mid-range.  Baker did most of his damage from three, but did show some solid passing from the off guard position.  He had a few bullet passes through traffic.  Mid-major player.


SG Demetrius Douglas (Team Rose)

This North Lawndale 6’2” shooting guard is a quality athlete and angular wing.  He did a solid job shooting it from three.  Mixed in a nice hesitation and blow by move.  D2 prospect.


PG Treavon Hamilton (Team Rose)

Hamilton is a quality point guard from Curie that runs the show.  He pushes the ball in the open floor and is a crisp passer.  Bowling ball strength at the lead guard position.  Capable shooter off the catch on occasion.  Small college player.


PF Dylan West (Team Rose)

West was the best we have seen him in Minnesota.  The Hillcrest four man has nice size and a strong build.  He isn’t overly athletic, but crashed the glass at a high rate throughout the event.  Quality area rebounder that got quite a few points on the offensive glass.  Finished well inside on quick passes.  Did convert a pick/roll finish, but overall it was mostly junk yard dog type scores.  D2 upside.


PF Chis White (Team Rose)

White moved over to Team Rose from Meanstreets.  The 2019 power forward from Marian Catholic came off the bench and played limited minutes.  He rebounds well around the hoop and runs the floor well for his size.  Didn’t show a ton of skill.  D2 prospect.


SF Tujautae Williams (Chicago Demons)

Williams is a long and lanky wing that was a role player last year for Orr.  He is primed to take over as the go to man next season.  The projectable wing had a big day starting with the game we saw.  He is smooth with the ball in his hands accelerating with ease.  Rebounds well in traffic and plays above the rim finishing big slams.  Underrated passer and has some potential as a perimeter shooter.  If he locks in on the defensive end that could be one of his strengths.  Low-major upside.


SG Javion May (Chicago Demons)

May is a two guard out of Hope that is a crafty guard that can score off the bounce.  He was more athletic than I had remembered previously showing some explosion at the rim.  The 2019 guard was active defensively getting in passing lanes and taking them the other way for scores.  Moved well laterally.  Small college player.


SG Teon Nesbitt (Chicago Demons)

Nesbitt’s older brother is at UMKC and this Butler Prep standout has some ability too.  He is usually a plus shooter from the perimeter.  Struggled a bit early from the perimeter in the game we saw, but he did get it going as the game went on.  Drilled a pair of threes off the catch.  Would like to see him diversify his game to show more than just being a spot up shooter.


SG Tavis Stampley (Chicago Demons)

Stampley is a new prospect on our radar.  The 2019 Lincoln Park shooting guard is a kid with a strong frame.  He was an outstanding shooter.  Stampley drilled mid-range jumpers all over the floor.  Very crisp one dribble pull up.  Also connected from three.  Interested to continuing following him.  He has some developmental upside!  Small college player with the chance to elevate to D2 with a strong senior year.


PF Joe Doyle (Chicago Demons)

Doyle is a 6’6” four man from Corliss.  The Demons big man proved to be a quality area rebounder.  Couple offensive rebound put backs.  He finished well in the pick/roll.  Blocked multiple shots.  Not much of a scorer, but at the small college level he can be an effective shot blocker, rebounder, and post defender.


SF Keenan Jones (Young & Reckless)

Best I have seen this Whitney Young wing play in his career!  We have Jones labeled as a three and D guy at the next level.  He showed a lot more than that on Saturday.  He was aggressive taking the ball to the hoop converting multiple and-1 opportunities and several other acrobatic finishes at the cup.  That included a pair of posterizing dunks.  Defensively he made noise blocking shots including a few LeBron come from behind pin blocks.  D2 potential.


PG Chris Roberts (Young & Reckless)

Roberts is one of the fastest and most explosive point guards in the class.  As his coach says when he gets the ball “beep beep”.  Meaning he is about to go coast to coast.  He did exactly that a lot!  Tremendous burst with the ball in his hands when playing in the open floor.  He finishes so well around the hoop through and around contact.  Roberts is an adequate shooter.  Mid-major prospect.


PG Trey Boston (Young & Reckless)

Boston is a combo guard from Downers Grove North High School that is a microwave scorer!  When he gets rolling he can score in a hurry!  Got off to a nice start in their first game on Saturday in Minnesota.  The 2019 guard was hot shooting it from three.  Most effective off the catch, but can mix in drives and pull ups from 15 to 18 feet.  D2 prospect with low-major upside.


PG Artese Stapleton (Young & Reckless)

Stapleton is a lead guard that is thin and wiry.  He relies heavily on his speed to be effective.  Slick handles in the open floor and will go coast to coast.  Did that several times getting to the rim for acrobatic finishes.  Also was wild with it at times turning it over.  Streaky perimeter shooter.  Quality defender that is engaged on that end with his length getting steals.


SF Isaac Stanback (Young & Reckless)

Stanback from Homewood Flossmoor is one of the more physically impressive athletes in the class.  At 6’5” built like a linebacker he is a freak show athlete.  He is a bit of a tweener right now not being tall enough to play the four or skilled enough to play the three.  He was a beast blocking shots in Minnesota!  He swatted them all over the floor!  Pin blocks and weak side blocks.  Also was a big time rebounder high pointing balls and putting them back in.  Did hit one three and was powerful handling it in the open floor.  Stanback projects as an ideal D2 player.


SF Jeremiah Hernandez (Young & Reckless)

Hernandez played well in his match up with two of the other top wings in the 2019 class.  Got off to a bit of a slow start, but once he saw the ball go through the rim on a couple free throws he started to get going.  Hernandez is a smooth shooter that can create his shot off the bounce.  Good at pulling up creating space for his shot.  Smooth release with elevation.  He got to the rim with his slick handles on several occasions also drawing fouls.  Went for 16 points.  Hernandez is a solid mid-major prospect.


PF Dachaun Anderson (Young & Reckless)

Anderson is a physical 6’6” four man.  He is your classic junk yard dog four man that is a beast rebounder!  He dominates the glass at times snatching rebounds out of the air with his strong hands.  Most of his points come on offensive rebound put backs.  D2 player.


PG Jeremiah Washington (Young & Reckless)

Washington is a speedy point guard from Bogan that is tough as nails.  He is best getting to the rim and leading the break in transition.  Actually shot the ball pretty well in the game we saw them play against Team Rose from three.  Finished with 10 points.  Low-major player.