Stephan Gabriel Top Wings

Posted On: 05/6/18 1:20 AM

These wings separated themselves during the 1st day of play at the Bash in the Desert. A number of them stood out due to their ability to impact the game in an array of ways.

Bash in the Desert Day 1: Top Wings

J’Saan Strover 6’3 SG/SF 2019 Desert Vista (Blue Chip Nation)

Stover is strong and physical. Defensively, he does a good job of keeping the basketball in front. Further, due to his strength and athleticism, he is solid in help side. In addition to being tough on the defensive end, Stover shot the basketball well in both games. He is versatile and is capable of impacting the game in an array of ways.

Emad Eliniel 6’5 SF 2019 Independence (Arizona Hype)

Eliniel is one of the most intriguing prospects at the event. He is not overly forceful in demanding the basketball. However, he scores the basketball efficiently and quietly. He is a knockdown shooter with long arms and good strength. This enabled him to bully opposing players when driving and competing on the glass. Eliniel has an extremely high upside. As people begin to see him more and more, his stock will continue to rise.

Keron Bailey 6’7 SF 2019 AZ Compass Prep (Firestorm)

Bailey did not shot it as well from deep as he would have liked. However, he was a walking bucket who scored the basketball extremely well from the wing. He fought well for position and controlled the neutral space. Further, he is strong and uses his footwork well to move the defender in order to create driving situations for himself. Bailey is extremely talented and an intriguing prospect.

Jaret Allen 6’5 SF 2019 Deer Valley (Powerhouse – King)

Allen shot the basketball well as well as demonstrated that he is an extremely versatile 3. He moves well without the basketball and uses his length well. On the defensive end, he understands angles well. He uses his length and high basketball IQ to be tough in help side and to get his hands on a lot of passes.

Stephan Gabriel 6’7 SG/SF 2019 Hillcrest Prep (Team Inspire)

Gabriel might have had the most dominating performance of the day. He played a lot of point guard for Team Inspire despite being best suited to be a SG/SF. With that said, he is versatile enough to play 1 through 3 due to his strength and skill set. He created fits for the opposing teams due to his ability to shoot it from deep and attack the rim. He has an extremely high upside and should be on college’s radars.

Jerry Iliya 6’6 SF 2020 Phoenix Christian (Powerhouse)

Iliya is built well and long. He uses this take make an impact on the glass and on the defensive end. He is capable of being quite special on the defensive end of the floor as he is laterally quick and can guard 1-4 at the high school level. Offensively, his athleticism enables him to create and finish at a high rate.

Kiimani Holt 6’3 SG/SF 2020 Rancho Solano (Powerhouse)

Holt is a freak of nature athletically. He has an extremely rare and sought after mixture of skill and athleticism. He is strong and bouncy. Further, he is a quick jumper who can get up and put opposing players on posters at will. Moreover, he has a tight handle and is aggressive driving the basketball. Holt is gifted and will play this game at the next level and have a lot of success.