Posted On: 05/7/18 10:40 AM

The nets were burning up in the first day of the Bash in the Desert. With that said, these individuals shot the basketball extremely well on the first day of the event. Keep an eye out on these guys as they can let it fly from anywhere.

Bash in the Desert Day 1: Top Shooters

Caleb Fields 6’0 SG 2018 Dysart (Powerhouse)

Fields did not attack the rim much. However, he did not need to as he shot the basketball extremely well from deep. When the opposing team closed out with their hands down or late, Fields made them pay with a 3. He shot the basketball with a lot of confidence and filled it up in the first night of action.

Luke Fields 6’0 SG 2019 Dysart (Powerhouse)

Luke Fields also had a solid shooting day for Powerhouse. He finished one of the games with 5 3s while shooting the basketball at a very efficient percentage. Fields has a quick and smooth release that enables him to get his shot off from nearly everywhere on the court. Moreover, it is tough to play help side defense when guarding him due to his ability to get it off in a hurry.

Emad Eliniel 6’5 SF 2019 Independence (AZ Hype)

Eliniel has a smooth shot and a good release. Mixed with his height, this is a lethal combination as it is extremely difficult to contest his shots. He shot the basketball at a high rate all weekend, especially on the first day. In addition to shooting it well from 3, he showed that he has a consistent mid-range jumper as well. Eliniel was one of the top performers from this weekend and his shooting stood out to most who watched him play.

Aidyn Parrish 6’1 PG 2019 North Canyon (Blue Chip Nation)

Parrish can shoot the basketball in an array of ways. He is skilled off of the dribble and in catch and shoot situations. Further, when he gets a rhythm, he can fill it up in a hurry. North Canyon will definitely rely on his shooting and scoring abilities this upcoming season. Keep an eye on this prospect.

Ryan Gilburne 5’9 SG 2019 Brophy (Powerhouse)

Gilburne did not attack the rim much. However, he demonstrated an ability to manage the tempo of the game and to shoot it at a high rate from 3. He has one of the best looking shots and one of the quickest releases of any of the guards in the event as well as in the state. Gilburne cannot be given space as he will make the opposing team pay due to his deadly accuracy.

TyTy Washington 6’2 PG 2021 Cesar Chavez (Team Harden)

Washington is a shooter but not in the typical catch and shoot sense. There might not be a more consistent mid-range shooter in the entire state. He does a great job of getting to his spots and creating separation. Once he does that, he rarely misses. In addition, he is a capable catch and shoot guys as well. With that said, he prefers to do his damage with a live dribble. Washington impressed me as much as any prospect on the first day of this event.