Carson Basham Top Posts

Posted On: 05/6/18 12:36 AM

The Bash in the Desert is back in Arizona for the second time. This event has grown and has more talent than ever. Below are some of the top post prospects from the day. These guys made huge impacts in their games.

Bash in the Desert Day 1: Top Posts

Dalton Smith 6’8 C 2018 Queen Creek (Firestorm)

Smith is a work in progress. He is relatively new to basketball, but has managed to earn himself a couple of opportunities to play at the next level. The most impressive part of his game is his feel despite his inexperience. He has a good feel for angles defensively and finding the proper post position. In addition, he is a monster on the glass with a good motor.

Antwon Jackson 6’6 PF 2019 Clark (702 Select)

Jackson was solid today. While he is not overly explosive, he does have a strong and wide body that enables him to get position on the block and finish while holding the defender off. Moreover, he carves out space when boxing out and is a magnet for rebounds. Moreover, he has a nice baseline drop step that he uses to create space and finish.

Latrell Swan 7’0 C 2019 (Blue Chip Nation)

Swan has a lot work to do as well. However, he plays hard and has a good motor. While he has a lot of areas that he needs to work on, he demonstrated patience on the block today and a couple of basic post moves that enabled him to create space and finish.

Carson Basham 6’10 C 2021 Sunnyslope (Team Harden)

Basham is going to be a stud by the time that it is all said and done with. He is 6’10 and gets up and down the floor well. Further, he has a soft touch around the rim and is not afraid to get physical. Moreover, he sets good screens, and like all Sunnyslope players, he plays tough defense. He is long and is able to protect the paint at a high level due to his size and understanding of the game.

John Harge 6’8 PF 2018 Smoky Hill (Team Inspire)

Harge played a little bit of the 3 but was primarily in the game as a 4. He his strong and moves fairly well laterally. Further, he gets up and down the court fairly well. He also showed signs of being a good passer on the block as well as along the perimeter. Moreover, he attacks the rim well and makes good decisions. He is a high caliber prospect who had a very good showing in Day 1 of the Bash in the Desert.