Bash in the Desert Day 1: Top Guards Part 2


Posted On: 05/6/18 10:53 PM

Below is the 2nd part of the top guard performances from the Bash in the Desert. Guards were out in full force with a number of guys demonstrating that they deserve more attention while others showing why they get the attention that they get.

Bash in the Desert Day 1: Top Guards Part 2

Brian Lang Jr. 6’2 PG 2019 Cimarion-Memorial (702 Select)

Lang is crafty, smooth, and strong. Further, he has good length at the guard spot which enables him to push around smaller guards and to potentially be a combo guard. His ability to get to his spots and dictate position was crucial to his success over the weekend.

Chris Jackson 6’3 PG 2019 (702 Select)

Jackson is bouncy and explosive. He gets into the paint at will and makes sure that his presence is known by his opponents and all of the fans who are watching. Jackson is also a capable shooter from deep. Due to his shooting ability, the defender has to respect him and guard him beyond the line which enables him to get paint touches.

Johnny Diaz 5’10 PG 2019 Deer Valley (Powerhouse – King)

Diaz is enjoys making life challenging for the opposing guards. He is a tough on ball defender who gets in his opponents hip and makes sure they experience pressure for the whole game. Further, he is competitive and enjoys when opponents try to pressure him. He puts the speed on and gets into the paint where he creates well for others. Moreover, he is a top tier shooter.

Chase Morley 5’11 PG 2019 Sandra Day O’Connor (Powerhouse – King)

Morley is as fundamentally sound of a point guard as there is in the state. He makes good decisions and makes his teammates better. As a pass first PG, he does a great job of managing the tempo of the game, putting guys in spots where they can be successful, running the sets, and hitting open 3s. Further, he is a solid on-ball defender who understands angles well.

Aidyn Parrish 6’1 PG 2019 North Canyon (Blue Chip Nation)

Parrish has managed to fly under the radar for whatever reason. He is one of the top shooters in the state. Moreover, he generates offense well for himself and can get hot in a hurry. His ability to score from many spots on the court makes him a constant threat that opponents need to be aware of.

Josh Ursery 6’2 PG 2019 Liberty (Powerhouse)

Speaking of prospects who can get hot in a hurry, when Ursery gets a rhythm, he is capable of scoring in a flurry. Ursery is a good shooter who shoots it better off of the dribble than in catch and shoot situations. Further, he is springy and can finish in an array of ways near the rim.

Tanner Ray 5’7 PG 2018 Mountain Ridge (AZ Hype)

Despite being undersized, Ray manages the tempo of the game extremely well. He has a high IQ and feel for the game. He also has a solid handle and is a more than capable shooter. His team lost two close ones today. However, he had strong performances and was a calming presence when the tempo started to swing.