Jalen Williams Top Guards

Posted On: 05/6/18 7:37 PM

Bash in the Desert Day 1: Top Guards Part 1

Evan Nelson 6’1 PG 2020 Salpointe (Powerhouse Tucson)

While Powerhouse Tucson did not look fluid, they did enough to win games with Nelson leading the way. He is exceptional at creating space with the dribble and in on-ball screen situations. Further, he shot the basketball extremely well. Unlike most prospects, Nelson is better than advertised. He can do a little bit of everything and as a point guard, he makes his teammates better.

Jackson Ruai 6’1 PG 2019 Amphitheater (Powerhouse Tucson)

Ruai is explosive and finishes extremely well around the rim. Defensively, he anticipates well and generates turnovers that lead to easy transition buckets for himself and his teammates. With that said, he did struggle with guards who could push him off of his spot. He is extremely talented and definitely a Division-I PG. As he improves in that area, his stock will rise exponentially.

Jeffery Thomas III 5’9 PG 2019 Palo Verde Magnet (Powerhouse Tucson)

Thomas is quick and finishes well with both hands. He can go zero to 100 in a matter of moments. In addition, he is a good passer and a solid on ball defender. He compliments Nelson and Ruai extremely well.

Javon Lamb 6’2 PG 2018 Carl Hayden Community (Sky Riders)

Lamb is one of the most bouncy guards in the event. He made things extremely difficult for Powerhouse Tucson as he guarded 1-5. Despite only being 6’2, he matched up with the big men and used his athleticism to make things challenging for them. Offensively, no one would keep him in front. He is quick and allusive. Further, if you rotate late, you will end up on a poster: See the last 10 seconds of his game against Powerhouse Tucson.

CJ Nnorom 6’0 PG 2019 Cactus Shadows (Blue Chip Nation)

Nnorom is strong and quick. While he is undersized, he is able to move the opposing offensive player due to his lower center of gravity and strength. Moreover, he is a knock down shooter who can create for himself around the rim. He has improved a lot since last year and is an integral part of this team and their success.

Jalen Williams 6’3 PG 2019 Perry (Blue Chip Nation)

Williams is one of the biggest stock risers in the state after his solid play in the spring. In addition to more people getting the chance to see him play, it helps him greatly that he has grown considerably since this time last year. He has a long build that could mean that he will grow even more. With that said, he is a skilled guard who shoots the basketball at a high level from deep. Further, his height and athleticism allow him to finish at the rim with ease.