Bash in the Desert 16U All-Tournament Team


Posted On: 05/10/18 10:47 AM

Powerhouse Compton stood above the pack throughout this tournament. However, The Show performed at a high level and gave them a game in the championship. The following prospects performed well and did all that they could to put their teams in a position to be successful.

16U All-Tournament: MVP

Javon Ruffin 6’4 PG/SG 2021 Newman (Powerhouse Compton)

Pretty much any of the Powerhouse Compton 1st team players could have taken this award. With that said, Ruffin was crucial to the team’s blowouts and success in tournament play. He finished around the rim at will and was a constant force the entire tournament. He is shifty and long which enables him to get favorable angles and to finish on or around most defenders.

16U All-Tournament: 1st Team

Carter Van Hammond 6’8 PF/C 2021 Perry (Powerhouse Compton)

Van Hammond played well throughout the tournament as well. His length provides the team with yet another long and skilled prospect that opposing teams have to deal with. In addition to being long and skilled, Van Hammond has a good motor which aids him in making plays on both ends of the floor. His motor never shifted even when the games were getting out of hand. He plays hard from buzzer to buzzer.

Matur Dahl 6’10 C 2021 South Pointe (Powerhouse Compton)

Dahl is raw in a lot of areas. However, he is long and works extremely hard. Further, he was coachable and it was quite evident that he wants to get better. Defensively, he protects the rim for this group at a high level and is a monster on the glass. Offensively, most of his offense comes off of dump offs and offensive rebounds.

DaRon Holmes 6’7 SF 2021 Millennium (Powerhouse Compton)

Holmes is the most versatile prospect on this roster. He played at the top of their 1-3-1 full court press. In addition, he played anywhere from the 1-4. Holmes is a big time prospect who has the most recruit-ability out of any of the prospects on this roster. His ability to play so many spots successfully is crucial. Further, he is a skilled on ball defender who does a good job in help side.

Dayton Harris 6’1 PG 2020 Skyline (The Show)

Harris generated the vast majority of The Show’s offense throughout this weekend. He scored the basketball at a high level and got his teammates involved. His success largely transitioned into the success of his teammates. Harris will be a key piece for The Show and Skyline this upcoming season.

Donavan Jackson 5’10 2019 Faith Lutheran (The Show)

Jackson shot the basketball well this weekend. Further, he left his best performance for last as he hit 6 threes in the championship game against Powerhouse Compton. Any team who played Powerhouse Compton was a huge underdog this weekend and typically Compton made those predictions a reality. However, Jackson did not back down to this group and aided his team greatly in competing with them at a high level.

16U All-Tournament: 2nd Team

Marquise Gipson 5’10 PG 2020 Skyline (The Show)

Jalen James 6’0 PG 2020 Deer Valley (Powerhouse James)

Derick Kaps 6’0 PG 2021 Mesa Mountain View (Powerhouse Compton)

Ryan Brown 6’3 PG/SG 2020 Tucson Mountain View (UH Elite)

Cam Cotton 6’3 PG/SG 2020 Tucson Mountain View (UH Elite)