Posted On: 05/19/18 12:07 PM

15U was stout in the Bash in the Desert. The following prospects performed at a high level at the event. Further, their teams experienced plenty of success over the course of the weekend.

Bash in the Desert 15U: Top Performers Part Two

Tre Bell 5’9 PG 2021 Peoria (Grassroots)

Bell is quick, crafty, and smart. He makes plays that make his teammates better. Further, he is a capable shooter from deep. Thus, the opposing team has to guard him at least one step outside of the 3 point line. This enables him to attack off of the dribble and get to the help side defense at will.

Bailon Black 6’2 PG 2021 Ironwood (Grassroots)

Black has a lot of upside. He is a long PG with a good basketball IQ. Further, he shoots the basketball at an extremely high rate from deep and plays with a lot of confidence. His ability to create for his teammates and shoot the basketball from deep make him an intriguing prospect going forward.

Montez Taylor 5’6 PG 2021 Williams Field (Grassroots)

Taylor was the primary scorer and creator for the Grassroots. Despite his size, he is fearless and attacks the rim at will. Almost just as impressive was his ability to finish at the rim. Taylor’s bulldog mentality was a lot of fun to watch. He has a bright future of high school basketball ahead of him.

Reama Brownlee 6’1 SG 2021 Agua Fria (Grassroots)

Brownlee was yet another part of the constantly attacking and strong shooting guard play of Grassroots. They lacked a true big. However, they were able to do a lot of damage due to putting 4 shooters on the floor and attacking the rim. Brownlee was a key part of this as he was able to get paint touch after paint touch.

Marcus TenBerge 6’4 PF 2021 Chaparral (Firestorm)

Marcus provided another high post and low post threat for the Firestorm. He did a nice job of ceiling for space and crashing the glass. Further, the Firestorm guards did a good job of hitting him in spots where he could catch and make an impact. This groups patience and willingness to use their post players made them really enjoyable to watch and tough to beat.

Jake TenBerge 6’5 PF 2021 Chaparral (Firestorm)

Jake was one of the more polished 4/5s in this age group. He posted up well around the rim and demonstrated good footwork on the perimeter. His versatility and attention to detail made him a constant force to be reckoned with the whole weekend. He is as fundamentally sound as there is for a post player in this class.

Duke Brenna 6’7 PF 2021 Perry (Powerhouse)

Perry should be pumped about their upside as they have a lot of young talent coming through. Brenna is yet another piece of that puzzle. The big man has good patience on the block as well as good footwork. The big man is extremely efficient despite his youth.

Austin Hutchings 5’10 PG 2021 Perry (Powerhouse)

Hutchings didn’t do anything that stood out or was flashy. However, he was fundamentally sound and did all of the little things. That was a consistent trend for this Powerhouse team that had a lot of success. The executed out of the 14 high set well. Even when the defense knew what play was coming, they were so precise that they still got a bucket. Hutchings was a huge part of that.