Bash in the Desert 15U: Top Performers Part One


Posted On: 05/14/18 4:12 PM

The Bash in the Desert 15U pool had a number of top performers. There were a number of skilled guards and versatile wings in the event. Below are some of the top prospects from this past weekend.

Bash in the Desert 15U: Top Performers Part One

Jase McCullough 5’10 PG 2021 Perry (Powerhouse)

McCullough has a really high basketball IQ and matches the offense extremely well. Powerhouse ran the same backdoor play out of a 14 high set on multiple occasions. Even when teams knew it was coming, his passing was so precise that he got he ball to where it needed to go. Offensively, he is shifty and crafty. While he is not a “highlight reel” guard, he is solid and does all of the little things.

D’Marco Dunn 6’3 SF 2021 Marana High School (Powerhouse Tucson)

Dunn was the most consistent scorer for Powerhouse Tucson throughout this weekend. He is versatile, long, and moves well laterally. His ability to evade help side defenders and finish well around the rim made him a commodity all weekend. Dunn has a really high upside and will be an integral  part of Powerhouse and Marana’s success going forward.

Jason Elder 6’5 SF 2021 Cienega (Powerhouse Tucson)

Elder also made a huge impact for Powerhouse due to his length and ability to create. Typically, most 6’5 guys are this age are put on the block and expected to play with their backs to the basket. Fortunately, Elder has learned how to have a well balanced game in which he can shoot and attack from the perimeter as well as take a smaller wing on the block.

Zachariah Morgan 6’5 PF 2021 Amphi high school (Powerhouse Tucson)

Morgan was yet another skilled and long prospect on the Powerhouse Tucson team. He ran the floor well all weekend and was a force on the glass. Further, he protected the paint due to his understanding of how to rotate in help side and his length. Most of Morgan’s points came off of dump offs and offensive rebounds. However, he has a lot of potential and a high ceiling.

Tampa Scott, IV 2021 PG 5’8 Gilbert High (Firestorm)

Scott is undersized but plays extremely hard and is tough. He managed the offense well for the Firestorm and did a good job of creating for others. This Firestorm team plays a fundamentally sound style of play. Scott is a crucial part of this as he does a good job of facilitating who should get touches and where they get their touches.

Elijah McDaniel 6’1 PG 2021 Corona Del Sol (Firestorm)

McDaniel is another part of that solid Firestorm backcourt. Like Scott, he is not going to do anything flashy or that will stick out to the common fan. However, his ability to put guys in spots where they will be successful is a major key to this team’s overall success. He is fundamentally sound and makes good decisions with the basketball.

Michael Harris 6’0 PG 2021 Westview (Grassroots)

Harris is a part of a really good guard group for Grassroots. He attacked the rim well all weekend as he generated offense off of the dribble. Further, he shot the basketball well as well. Despite being undersized, this team has a lot of potential due to their ability to attack opposing teams off of the dribble and to shoot the ball from deep.