Atlanta EYBL Preview


Posted On: 05/11/18 6:16 AM

Photo Credit: VU Hoops

The third session of the EYBL circuit will hit Atlanta this weekend and many teams face must win situations as Peach Jam is only two months away now. Team Takeover has clearly shown that they are the team to beat this year as they are currently the lone undefeated team with a record of 8-0 and sit at the top of division B. The reigning Peach Jam champions, Oakland Soldiers find themselves tied for first place right now in a highly competitive division D as three teams are tied with a 6-2 record. Bradley Beal Elite is another final four team from last year that is currently at the top of Division A with a record of 6-2. And lastly in division C, Indy Heat and Team CP3 sit at the top with records of 6-2. This weekend will be crucial for the playoff push as teams will start to separate from each other and we might be closer to start being able to answer some peach jam qualification answers. Below I take a look at the best games to watch throughout the weekend.


6:30 PM | Team Takeover vs. PSA Cardinals

The top game of the opening session this weekend is Team Takeover vs PSA Cardinals. As mentioned above, Team Takeover is currently the lone undefeated team and they will be getting every teams best shot from here on out. PSA Cardinals arguably have the best player on the EYBL in 2019 point guard, Cole Anthony. The Cardinals also have deep history on the EYBL circuit. This game will have a Peach Jam type feel and a game you will not want to miss.

8:00 PM | Woodz Elite vs. Bluff City Legends

Division A currently has seven teams that are one game back from each other and this game between Woodz Elite and Bluff City Legends will give the winning team a lot of momentum heading into the latter part of the weekend. Woodz Elite is getting a lot of production from 2019 Mylik Wilson and 2019 Austin Crowley who are both averaging 12 points per game. Bluff City Legends are led by another player that is arguably the best player on the EYBL circuit in 2019 James Wiseman and they have 2019 Kentucky commit, D.J. Jeffries.

9:30 PM | Seattle Rotary vs. The City Rocks

The place you will want to be at 9:30 is another division A matchup between Seattle Rotary and The City Rocks. Both teams are 5-3 and battling for position in the most competitive division on the circuit. 2019 Jaden McDaniels has been leading the way for Seattle Rotary, he is averaging 17.6 and 8 rebounds per game. The City Rocks are led by one of the best big men in 2019 Isaiah Stewart II. He has been a beast down low and around the rim this spring while averaging a double-double with 16.1 points and 10.5 rebounds per game. The City Rocks also have one of the best shooters in the 2019 class in Joseph Girard III, he is averaging 14.6 points per game.


9:00 AM | PSA Cardinals vs. New York Lightning

A great way to start your Saturday morning is by attending the PSA Cardinals/New York Lightning game. Both of these teams are chasing Team Takeover in division B so this game between two New York powerhouses will have huge seeding implications for Peach Jam. New York Lightning has a pair of 2019 prospects that are in double digits for points per game with Dashawn Davis and Jordan Dingle and one of the top 2020 prospects in the country averaging 14.8 points per game in, Posh Alexander.

11:00 AM | Bluff City Legends vs. Mokan Elite

Another top game in the jam packed Division A will happen in the second slate of games on Saturday between Bluff City Legends and Mokan Elite. I know we keep coming back to this division but if you look at the standings right now, it is amazing how closely some of these teams are to each other.

12:30 PM| Team WhyNot vs. Nike Team Florida

There are only four games at 12:30 on Saturday and the best one to be at is Team WhyNot vs Nike Team Florida. These teams do not know a whole lot about each other as they are totally on the opposite sides of the country so it will be interesting to see how react to each other’s style of play. Team WhyNot will be trying to do as much as they can to try and save their Peach Jam chances and this is definitely a game they will need to win in order to make a playoff push.

5:00 PM | Team Takeover vs. Team Melo

Team Takeover vs Team Melo is how you will want to start your evening session on Saturday. Team Melo has been battled by the injury bug this season but with some nice pickups during the past two weeks, they have a fighters chance against Takeover. Both teams will be up for this one as this is a big rivalry game and pretty much everyone knows each other on both teams. This should be a fun one.

6:30 PM | Bluff City Legends vs. Bradley Beal Elite

At 6:30 we are once again finding ourselves talking about another pivotal matchup in division A. This time it is Bluff City Legends against Bradley Beal Elite. Both teams are right up there at the top of their division and the winner will most likely be one step closer to punching their ticket to Peach Jam. This is another type game that will definitely have a Peach Jam type atmosphere.

8:00 PM | Nike Team Florida vs. Meanstreets

Meanstreets comes into this session trying to stay alive for Peach Jam qualification and this is a game they will have to get. Look for both teams giving it their all during primetime on Saturday night.


8:00 AM | Oakland Soldiers vs. Indy Heat

Both team are currently in second place right now in their respective divisions. It will be interesting to see how these teams perform in their games leading up to the final day of this session. This is going to be a game where you will want to be to start your Sunday morning.

9:30 AM | New York Lightning vs. UPlay Canada

These Sunday matchups are not going to disappoint as this is another matchup between two teams that are currently in second place. It will be some of the best prospects from Canada up against a hard playing team from New York. UPlay has a lot of depth this year and could be a sneaky team heading into the latter part of the season.

11:00 AM | Aot Running Rebels vs. Team United

And the last game of the session is going to be one that you will want to stay for before you try and beat the Mother’s Day traffic. AOT is trying to stay in first place in division D while Team United is hoping to reach the top of division C. This game will be a great way to finish the third session of the EYBL circuit.