Spring Standouts: Part 1


Posted On: 05/3/18 1:46 PM

We are lucky in the state of Michigan. We have so many talented AAU teams and players at all ages. When undertaking the task of finding players who are off to solid starts in AAU season, I realized there are probably over 100 athletes that have stood out. Obviously these aren’t the ONLY standouts, just a sample of the great players and performances that we’ve seen this spring.

Omar Ziegler (2021, 6’3”, G/F, Michigan Playmakers)

Ziegler is a kid who makes plays. He can attack the basket and finish or pull up for a smooth jumper.

Lorenzo Wright (2020, 5’11”, PG, Xmen)

Wright has proven to be a dynamic point guard. He’s very quick with good feet.

Romeo Weems (2019, 6’7”, SF, Meanstreets)

Weems continues to prove that he can do it all. He was the EYBL Indy Defensive Player of the Session.

Ryan Webb (2019, PF, MWA Elite)

Webb has been a monster on the boards. He’s also shown the ability to score and be a double-double threat.

Julian Walker (2019, 6’4”, G/Wing, Motor City Thunder 17u)

Has been a lockdown defender and played multiple positions. Walker can attack the basket and finish. He has always played up until this spring, so this season he has went off.

Rocket Watts (2019, CG, The Family 17u)

Watts has been his usual game changing self. He was EYBL Session 2 All-2nd Team. Watts averaged 21.5ppg.

Bralin Toney (2019, PG, M2K Elite)

Toney continues to show that he’s a top notch talent. He’s the definition of a floor leader and is elite defensively.

Tyland Tate (2019, 6’6”, G, MWA Elite 17u)

Tate has shown an ability to use his size this spring. He’s developed into an excellent scoring guard.

Julian Roper (2021, 6’2”, G, The Family)

Roper has shown that he is among the best in Michigan’s class of 2021. He’s an exceptional defender. Offensively, he can attack the basket and finish as well as shoot with range.

Jeffery Pullen (2020, 6’6”, F, Xmen)

Pullen is a unique and versatile prospect. He has nice size and has shown great improvements to his perimeter game this spring.

Steve Pearson (2020, G, Michigan Playmakers)

Pearson is a special athlete. Not many can attack the basket and finish like Pearson. In the NY2LA, he’s fifth in offensive rebounds and third in steals per game.

Micah Parrish (2019, 6’5”, G, M2K Elite)

Parrish is a versatile and hard working player. This spring, he has been outstanding on the glass.

Melik Minor (2019, 6’3”, G, MWA Elite 17u)

Minor is proving that he’s a player to see this summer. He’s a smooth scoring athlete.

Jack Melton (2020, G, Dearborn)

Melton has been a head turner this spring. He’s on the verge of a breakout summer as he continues his steady and efficient spring.

Isaiah Lewis (2019, G, M2K Elite)

This combo guard is riding the momentum of a great high school season. He has been able to light up a scoreboard this spring.

Hunter Kegley (2019, PG, M2K Elite)

Kegley is a physically stron floor leader. He’s shown the ability to shoot the three and find open teammates.