Posted On: 05/28/18 3:11 PM

The spring session of AAU is over for most and with Memorial Day Weekend wrapping up, we are set to take a look back at those that have improved their stock. Today, we have our look at the top 2021 wings who improved their stock.

Colson Montgomery – 6’4 / SG / 2021 / Southridge (IN) / EG10 2021
With him playing multiple sports, it may really hold back his development and visibility but he most clearly has a lot more of that to tap into. The tall guard is one of the more fluid and skilled players in the class and just has more agility and athleticism than you think. The ball handling looks like the key to everything and this Spring, he showed it all off.

Brady Hunt – 6’4 / SF / 2021 / Delta (IN) / IE Northeast 2021
Hunt is probably more of a player than even we thought heading into the Summer. He’s really much more skilled and tough and has the ability to keep the floor spread. Already has the size and if he keeps going down this path, he’s probably going to be more of a guard than a forward with a body that can play already.

Chrishawn Christmas – 6’4 / SF / 2021 / Gary West (IN) / EG10 2021
Chrishawn is really starting to put some skill to his game. That was always going to be the biggest thing to watch, can he find ways to score and impact that didn’t rely on his body or athleticism as much. Well, the jumper looks better and so does his ball handling. Want to see more but this was a nice tease this Spring.

Luke Goode – 6’5 / SF / 2021 / Homestead (IN) / Indy Heat 2021
Goode is going to be really, really good and already is. He’s so skilled and built his game more like a guard at 6’5 that can break guys down and score over the top. Dynamic player that is aggressive enough to take advantage of his skill and produce on both ends.

Michael Eley – 6’4 / SF / 2021 / Fort Wayne Snider (IN) / IE Central 2021
Eley has developed already into a much better player. His perimeter jumper looks night and day better and he’s just way more assertive. Those younger players that have bounds of athleticism and length, many don’t take advantage enough early on. This isn’t a problem right now for Michael.